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Corfu Holidays

Great Resorts on Offer this Summer

The Greek Island of Corfu

Corfu – East Coast of Greece

Enjoy a fantastic holiday on the Greek island of Corfu which is the northernmost of the Ionian Islands. You can enjoy your Corfu holidays in the lush green and scenic northern regions of the island or at one of the southern resorts which has many great golden sandy beaches. The type of tourists who travel to Corfu are as varied as the landscape which means the island is great for whatever type of holiday you are looking for.

Your flight will land at Corfu Airport which is located close to the islands capital Corfu Town found along the east coast. Transfers to the popular southern regions take a little longer than other places, but your Corfu travel is made easier due to the fact you will be able to admire the picturesque scenery on your way.

You will have the choice of much fantastic accommodation to stay in during your Corfu holiday. The majority of the accommodation throughout the island rates between 2 and 4 stars, all providing reasonable prices and all the modern services and facilities holidaymakers have come to expect. You will find plenty of hotels offering all inclusive and self catering options.

There is a regular bus service taking you from most resorts to Corfu Town. Taxis are also readily available in most areas offering good prices for Corfu travel.

Corfu – Sightseeing & Activities

Make no mistake, the beach is certainly the place to be on Corfu holidays and as previously mentioned you will find the best of them around the southern coast of the island. The popular party town of Kavos is closely located to the south east coast where you will find a long stretch of Corfu beach that attracts many tourists. There you will find a variety of water sports including water skiing, jet skiing, paragliding, parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving as well as being able to hire a pedal boat. Boat tours will take you to other Ionian Islands such as Antipaxos and Paxos, glass bottomed boat trips allow you to see into the Mediterranean Sea to witness the marine life which inhabits it.

Away from the coast you will find various activities which are geared towards tourism, such as horse rides and bikes for hire which allow tourists to do their own exploring on Corfu holidays. While there are plenty of typical activities to enjoy, many families, and indeed all tourists, like to make their way over to Aqualand to play on the many rides and slides that the water park has.

In most of the resorts around the coast they will offer some clothing shops for tourists to buy from as well as plenty of souvenirs ships where you can pick up fine mementoes. If you hop aboard one of the regular buses going into Corfu Town you will unlock great shopping potential where you will find stores selling designer clothes and authentic jewellery too.

Corfu – Cuisine & Nightlife

You will find that right across the island there is a steady variation of cuisine with the aim of catering for all tastes of the tourists who have come to enjoy Corfu holidays. You will find many traditional Greek dishes in all the restaurants along with many fine, and popular, seafood dishes. Other restaurants you will be able to enjoy fine cuisine from are Italian, French, Indian, Thai and Chinese. During the day there are many fast foods options which are ideal if you only want to pick up a snack during days of exploration.

The nightlife in the northern regions is fairly muted on an evening though there are a few bars to enjoy which stay open moderately late. Back in the south you will find many bars and clubs which have top DJ’s playing music long into the morning hours with the drinks supply never ending. A great example of this is in Kavos where many of summer’s party people come to enjoy a lively holiday.

Corfu – Weather & Climate

Corfu holidays are ideal over summer as they enjoy a fantastic amount of sunshine as do many areas with the Mediterranean Sea during the same time. The weather will regularly exceed 30°C over summer with the hottest month of July enjoying the best of this. Summer will average around 13 hours of sunshine a day which provides tourists with more than enough time to relax on a Corfu beach and work on a great tan!

Over winter the weather is much milder, but you should still expect the temperatures to stay over 10°C most of the time. Temperatures will stay in the 20°C region up until October. November onwards brings the rain which will occur from time to time but generally clear up fairly quickly. The good weather over the winter months makes Corfu a great place to escape the cold and damp winters back in the UK.

Where is Corfu?

Take a look at this map of Corfu before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Corfu
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