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Benitses Holidays

Enjoy the Warm Coast of Corfu


Benitses – East Coast of Corfu

The beautiful Greek Island of Corfu attracts many visitors over the course of the year, all coming for various reasons. Those coming to enjoy Benitses holidays will be looking to relax under the fantastic summer sun which all areas in the Mediterranean Sea are blessed with. What better way to enjoy summer than to lay back on the peaceful setting of Benitses beach soaking up the endless hours of sun.

Benitses is only a few miles down the coast from Corfu International Airport which means from the moment you land you can expect to be at your accommodation within a matter of half an hour or so.

When searching for accommodation in Benitses you can expect to find plenty of options all guaranteeing you a great night’s sleep every night. The hotels in Benitses are rated between 2 and 4 stars, offering typical services and facilities that modern tourist have come to expect. Hotels are ideal for those looking to holiday all inclusive. There are also many apartments to choose from where you can enjoy a self catering stay.

You can enjoy the use of regular passes which pass through Benitses taking tourists and locals over to Corfu Town, Moraitika and even the lively resort of Kavos near to the south coast.

Benitses – Sightseeing & Activities

Although the resort is moderately quite in keeping with the family theme you will be able to enjoy some lively excitement at Benitses beach where there are plenty of water sports on offer during the day. The water sports available include scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing and pedal boat rides. Many just enjoy their time relaxing on a sun lounger on Benitses beach taking in the sunshine from the clear blue skies.

Excursions are popular with tourists on Benitses holidays as it allows people to extend their exploration during their break to see various areas of this beautiful island and beyond. Boat trips out into the Mediterranean Sea allow tourists to see the various species of exotic marine life that inhabit it. Boat trips to Paxos and the Greek mainland are also popular which allow tourists to enjoy a great day trip.

The natural beauty of the island of Corfu is a strong selling point of what you can enjoy and experience whilst on Benitses holidays. Walks, hikes or bike rides into the lush green forests and hills of Corfu allow you to explore the islands true scenic brilliance and on walks you can uncover some picturesque views out across the landscape.

You will find the shopping in Benitses very limited offering mainly food supplies and souvenirs in most places. If you are looking to enjoy an a shopping spree with extensive options then all you need do is head over to Corfu Town where there is plenty of places selling fine jewellery and designer clothes.

Benitses – Cuisine & Nightlife

The majority of restaurants and hotels serving food have menu’s which predominantly consist of traditional Greek meals, as you might expect. Despite being a fairly small resort you will still find other options available that will appeal to tourists who don’t enjoy too much foreign delicacies, in this case you can select from the more universal Chinese and Italian restaurants also found in Benitses. For those coming from the UK you will also be happy to hear that fish and chips in a favourite in this part of the world too!

The nights are very relaxing on Benitses holidays and despite the ethos being geared towards a calm atmosphere there are options for those who enjoy a couple of drinks on an evening. Pubs and bars are available for tourists to wind down the day with a tasty cocktail or two and if you want the night to last that little longer there is also a couple of discos open over the summer period. In general you can expect the nights to be fairly muted so most people can rest after a long day of adventure.

Benitses – Weather & Climate

Summer is of course the most popular time to enjoy Benitses holidays as the weather is at its glorious best on the island of Corfu. The hottest months over the summer period are July and August, during when you can enjoy the 13 of sunshine each and every day. The temperature during summer is very high and tends to average around 30°C over the hottest months. The breeze coming off the Mediterranean Sea can provide a welcome rest bite from the very hot weather that Benitses experiences.

The winter is of course colder than summer though it still manages to provide a warm climate for holidaymakers to enjoy when looking to avoid the bitter weather back home. December and January are considered the coldest months of the year but even then the temperature rarely goes lower than 10°C during the day. Most of the year’s rain comes in November but it’s hardly torrential or even enough to ruin a day.

Where is Benitses?

Take a look at this map of Benitses before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Benitses
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