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Glyfada Holidays

Holidays at the Heart of Greece

Glyfada, Corfu in Greece

Glyfada – Costal Town Outside of Athens, Greece

If you are looking to a summer holiday where you are as close to the action as possible then you should consider what the town of Glyfada has to offer only a couple of miles from the centre of the Greek capital Athens. Glyfada holidays allow you to experience the fantastic Greek culture and city life as well as providing you will a clean sandy beach with shallow turquoise waters to relax with too. Families, couples and groups of friends will all find reasons to come enjoy Glyfada holidays.

Athens International Airport is located east just outside the city which means you will won’t be interrupted by the busy air traffic but you will still be close enough to enjoy a short transfer of around 30 minutes. There is a wealth of fantastic accommodation to choose from in Glyfada and the surrounding areas which should suit tourists regardless of their requirements. Hotels range around 2 to 5 stars which means families can enjoy high end accommodation with top class facilities and amenities on Glyfada holidays where as budget travellers. Apartments and hostels can also be found around the town offering a great variety of accommodation ensuring as many tourists can enjoy holidays in the heart of Greece.

As Glyfada holidays are part of the Athens metropolis you will be able to use all of the fantastic public transport which is available running through the region. Use trams, trains and buses to get about, all of which run regularly. Taxis and hire cars are available but public transport is cheaper and more efficient.

Glyfada – Sightseeing & Activities

The beach on Glyfada holidays is a little different to what you may have experienced elsewhere on summer breaks. Along the sand shores there are extensions of cafes and restaurants offering terrific views of the cove like harbour. These areas provide a relaxing and laid back atmosphere where food is readily available ad you can lay back and soak up the sun in peace. There are also plenty of fantastic water sports on offer to make days at the beach a little bit more exciting. Enjoy jet skiing around or scuba diving into the clear waters around the shores on Glyfada holidays.

If you have to come to explore all the historical intrigue which is present in heart of Greece then you can hop on some public transport and find yourself outside the National Archaeological Museum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus or the Acropolis in Athens. The city itself is worth exploring to enjoy the combination of the old and the new which gives the Greek capital a unique cultural experience.

Closer attractions on Glyfada holidays are also worth plenty of interest, especially for families. Visit the Sea Turtle Rescue Society Archelon which is a group who look after injured sea turtles and you are allowed to visit and take care of the fascinating creatures. There is a golf course which is open to tourists and offer 18 holes for amateurs to enjoy.

While shopping is very good in Athens the malls in Glyfada are equally impressive offering designer goods like clothes, jewellery and perfume. Souvenirs can be found all over the region from stalls to shops to malls, which are great for mementoes of your Glyfada holidays.

Glyfada – Cuisine & Nightlife

There are more than enough options to choose from when you are looking for something to eat morning, noon and night. Hotels tend to offer a fantastic standard of food to its guests and the menus are varied as they aim to appease the tastes of various nationalities enjoying Glyfada holidays. During the day there are plenty of cafes to enjoy a light meal as well as popular fast food restaurant chains. On an evening you will have a delightful choice of top class restaurants serving British, Italian, Greek and Chinese cuisines among others.

The nights on Glyfada holidays can be as lively or as relaxing as you choose. There are areas away from the coast which have lively bars and clubs located close to each other and over in Athens you will find various locations such as Poseidon Avenue of particular interest. Voula south along the coast from Glyfada is also worth mentioning. Families may enjoy strolls along the beach front to watch the sun set before retiring for the evening.

Glyfada – Weather & Climate

The weather on Glyfada holidays is something that you can always rely on been warm and welcoming all year round. Over the popular summer period you will find that July and August enjoy the best of the year’s weather with temperatures around 30°C. Couple that with the fact there is 12 hours of sunshine on average each day then you are guaranteed to get a great summer tan. Most of summer brings cloudless skies which are there to be enjoyed.

Over winter the weather is mild and temperatures during the day will rarely drop lower than around 10°C. This weather still provides 4 hours of sunshine a day which means that you could enjoy Glyfada holidays late on in the year to avoid the winter blues, or better still have an early break in Easter. For those more interested in the history of the region, it doesn’t matter which time of year they visit as the attractions are provide plenty of entertainment.

Where is Glyfada?

Take a look at this map of Glyfada before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Glyfada
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