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Holidays in Kanoni

Discover the Beauty of Kanoni, a Spectacular Corfu Resort

Corfu Island Ponitkonisi - view from Kanoni

Kanoni - A Holiday Haven on the East Coast of Corfu

Kanoni is a picturesque resort that is especially popular with mature couples looking for a relaxing break. Situated on the east coast of the Greek island of Corfu, holidays in Kanoni are perfect for sightseers and beach lovers with plenty of things to see and do. The airport transfer time from Corfu International Airport is around 50 minutes, just enough time to get a feel for your location on the island before you arrive at your chosen Konini accommodation. There are plenty of hotels, villas and apartments to choose from when enjoying a Kanoni holiday. Whether you prefer to indulge in a luxury 5* break or save money with a self catered holiday, there really is something to suit all tastes and budgets. The majority of the Kanoni hotels range from 3-5* and boast a wide range of board packages including all inclusive and half board. Due to Kanoni’s close proximity to Corfu Town, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy shopping, sightseeing and a fantastic nightlife. Those hoping to explore the beautiful surroundings will appreciate the many beauty spots and historical sites around the resort. With a warm climate and year round sunshine, a holiday in Kanoni can be enjoyed at any time. If you do want to explore one of the most spectacular Greek holiday resorts, make sure you take advantage of the many fantastic cheap Kanoni holiday deals available right now.

Kanoni - Sightseeing and Activities

There are plenty of fascinating things to see and do during a holiday in Kanoni including many full day excursions to nearby islands and resorts. One of the most popular activities to enjoy is a trip into Corfu Town to discover the many historical buildings within the region including the impressive Byzantine Church of Saint Jason and Sosipater. The ancient 5th Century Basilica is another great place to explore and ideal for those looking to learn more about the rich culture and history of this beautiful Greek island. Many people enjoying a holiday to Kanoni choose to take a boat across to the island of Vlacherna or the slightly larger island of Pontikonisi which is home to a small chapel that dates back to the eleventh century. There are several small beaches around the resort however the most popular stretch of golden sand is connected to one of the largest hotels in the resort. This beach is open to the public and to hotel guests and is the ideal place to take advantage of the many sun loungers and water sports available. The shopping facilities in Kanoni are fairly limited however visitors can still pick up a wide range of holiday essentials and souvenirs. For those looking for a more extensive collection of shops and markets, a trip to Corfu Town is recommended. Here visitors can stroll around the streets of the Old Quarter and enjoy the fantastic array of local craft produce made my Corfu craftsmen. Those looking to explore further afield on their Kanoni holiday can take advantage of the reliable public transport including a bus that runs every half hour into Corfu Town.

Kanoni - Nightlife and Cuisine

Kanoni holidays are ideal for those looking to sample some of the delicious Greek cuisine with plenty of authentic Greek restaurants situated around the resort. A plate of Greek Meze is always a great place to start along with a trip to one of the many seafood restaurants that offer some of the best friend fish and shellfish dishes in Corfu. There are plenty of international restaurants around Kanoni, perfect for those hoping to sample British, Spanish and Italian dishes during their Kanoni holiday. For an even greater selection of restaurants Corfu Town is a great place to visit. The nightlife in Kanoni is typically low key, reflecting the relaxed nature of the resort. The majority of the evening entertainment takes place in the hotels with specially designed entertainment packages including karaoke and cabaret alongside child friendly activities for those enjoying a family holiday in Kanoni. There are a number of bars along the coastline that offer a wide range of local wines and music however those hoping for a livelier evening experience are advised to head into the island’s capital where there are plenty of nightclubs and bars. A popular choice for visitors is a trip to the casino within the resort, a great alternative for an exciting evening in Kanoni.

Kanoni - Weather and Climate

Kanoni holidays are perfect for those looking for fantastic weather with over 300 days of sunshine per year. The summer months are the hottest with temperatures regularly reaching over 30°C with around 13 hours of sunshine per day during the peak months. July and August are the most popular time to visit the resort however those looking to avoid the peak season crowds can still enjoy the great weather in spring or autumn. The temperatures are kept at a comfortable level with a coastal breeze that sweeps across Kanoni. The winter months are colder however temperatures do tend to stay between 12-15°C, ideal for those hoping to explore the many sightseeing spots during a holiday in Kanoni. There is a chance of rainfall during the winter months especially November however any showers tend to clear up quickly leaving you to enjoy your day. Water temperatures stay warm throughout the year making a Kanoni holiday the ideal choice for water sport enthusiasts.

Where is Kanoni?

Take a look at this map of Kanoni before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kanoni
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