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Chania Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Chania

Beautiful panoramic view of the old port Chania in Crete, Greece

Chania – North Coast of Crete

Enjoy a relaxing sunny summer holiday in the coastal town of Chania up on the north coast of the very popular Greek holiday island of Crete. Tourists of all ages enjoy holidays to Chania because of the vast amount of activities on offer both day and night. Spend days lying back on the golden sand of Chania beach soaking up the endless hours of Mediterranean sun.

Chania International Airport is but a few short miles away from the town itself so your transfer could be very swift indeed, however if you are staying outside of town it could take a bit longer but nothing over an hour.

The accommodation in Chania offers plenty of variety so that there are hotels suitable for families and couples as well as places better suited towards groups of singles. There are plenty of hotels ranging between 2 and 4 stars offering various services and facilities that modern tourists have come to expect. Choose from Chania apartments is you are looking to enjoy a low cost self catering holiday.

There is a local bus service going through Chania which is great for getting around town as well as for venturing to other nearby resorts.

Chania – Fun & Activities

Chania beach is the place to be where you can lie back on the sun kissed sands and relax on a glorious summer’s day. If the heat gets a little too much you can always head out into the shallow waters of the Mediterranean Sea to cool down. There are plenty of great waters sports to experience around the beach, such as water skiing, windsurfing and there are also pedal boats for hire. Some people just enjoy walking along the beach looking out into the vast sea.

Away from the beach there are also plenty of things going on that you can enjoy. Those enjoy keeping active can play a set or two of tennis in one of the various courts. If you are looking to be a bit of exploring through the exotic scenery around Chania then go for a hike or a bike ride around the fantastic scenery.

There is also are fair bit of history and culture present in this holiday town and visits to the Greek Orthodox Churches and Venetian ramparts are a particular highlight not to be missed. Also on your holiday in Chania you should certainly visit the naval and archaeological museum and learn some very interesting facts about the area. Outside of Chania you could travel to experience the Minoan Palace of Knossos.

You will find plenty of shops selling fine goods including clothes and jewellery, there are also plenty of quaint markets where you can pick up some great crafts and leather goods which are ideal as souvenirs.

Chania – Food & Nightlife

You will be able to enjoy various cuisines during your holiday in Chania which covers everyone’s tastes during their stay. Seafood is a particular favourite in the town along with traditional Greek dishes, but there also some British and Chinese restaurants ensuring that tourists are well catered for. If you are staying in one of the Chania apartments then there are plenty of supermarkets in town to pick up food goods from international brands.

You can enjoy a late night partying in Chania where there are many bars and discos to drink cocktails and dance to live music. Along the harbour is where the most popular bars are and where most tourists head to on an evening. Away from the drinking culture you could head to the cinema or even the open air theatre and enjoy some live entertainment.

Chania – Weather Info

Chania enjoy fantastic weather all year long and is the ideal location to holiday in. Summer is of course the best time to take a holiday in Chania as you can expect the temperatures to be at their highest. The peak summer month is August during which time you can expect the temperature to average around 27°C, that coupled with the cloudless skies means that you have 13 hours of constant sunshine creates plenty of time for you to work on a great summer tan.

Over winter the heat won’t be as high or as constant but you can still expect a mild climate in Chania where the temperatures will rarely ever drop lower than 12°C. Winter is the wettest season of the year and January and February experience the worst of it. When spring comes around the temperature will rise once again making Chania a great place to visit during the Easter holidays.

Where is Chania?

Take a look at this map of Chania before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Chania

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