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Heraklion Holidays

Enjoy Summer On Heraklion Beach

Boats in the old port of Heraklion - Crete, Greece

Heraklion – North Coast of Crete

Enjoy a summer break in the beautiful city of Heraklion found along the north coast of the Greek Island, Crete. You will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to Heraklion as there is plenty of great history and culture present within the city, as well as fantastic beaches to enjoy. Heraklion beach scene is fantastic with Linopreamata and Amoudara the two most popular beaches on offer.

Your Heraklion holiday won’t get held up with transfers as it should only take around 30 minutes to reach accommodation because Heraklion Airport is located right outside the city.

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from when choosing where to stay on a Heraklion holiday. Choosing from Heraklion apartments you will be able to secure reasonably priced rooms offering self catering facilities for guests. The hotels in the city are rated between 2 and 4 stars offering fantastic services and facilities for guests to enjoy.

You will find a fantastic public transport system with plenty of regular buses going along the coast allowing tourists to visit various resorts. Taxis are also available day and night and are ideal for travelling fast and in the evening around Heraklion.

Heraklion – Sightseeing & Activities

You will find Heraklion beach life is busy as all tourists enjoy spending days at the various beaches along the coast. The golden sands are the ideal place for those looking to relax during their time in Heraklion. If you need a little more activity other than working on your tan all summer long then you should try out one of the various water sports on offer around the beach. Mini cruises offer tourists the chance to go out into the Mediterranean Sea and visit other nearby islands for a day.

Aside from Heraklion beach the city itself is very much historically significant and during your holiday you will come across various archaeological sites. Heraklion has a long and colourful history has encountered the presence and occupation of the Turks, Romans and Venetians. The archaeology museum is the ideal place where you can become enlightened to the history of Heraklion. Simple walks around the city will uncover various buildings and sites which showcase its ancient charm. Local excursions to Minoan sites, the Knossos Palace and the Tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis are also very poplar for those looking to do a great deal of exploration on a Heraklion holiday.

Shopping in Heraklion is probably the best available and you can expect shop selling fine jewellery, antiques, clothes and souvenirs. Trips to other resorts such as Rethymnon and Chania offer up alternatives for shopping if you are looking to broaden your horizons.

Heraklion – Cuisine & Nightlife

The culinary delights available on a Heraklion holiday will easily please any and all holidaymakers. You will find that most restaurants throughout the city will be offering up many tasty traditional Greek dishes as well as plenty of seafood, all of which are fresh and tasty option for tourists to enjoy and experience. Of course you can expect to find a lot of British, Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants available as the city caters for a variety of tastes.

The nightlife is very lively in Heraklion and you can certainly enjoy a late night in one of the busy clubs in and around the city. There are plenty of bars and pubs serving cocktails and playing music where tourists can start the night off or enjoy a quiet drink at the end of a day. Alternatively to the lively night scene you will find places offering Greek dancing and even a cinema where you can enjoy a film or two.

Heraklion – Weather & Climate

You can expect the weather on Crete in general to be very good and summers in Heraklion are excellent. Relaxing days along the north coast during summer will experience great temperatures and during the hottest month August you can expect an average of around 30°C. Summer in general will enjoy temperatures regularly over 20°C along with around 12 hours of sunshine too.

The winters remain quite warm and you can expect the temperatures to stay over 10°C, this is perfect for those looking to take a late break this year. The wettest months over the course of the year in Heraklion are January and February. The hotter weather will start to re-appear around late spring. Heraklion holidays are ideal if you are looking to escape the cold winter snap elsewhere.

Where is Heraklion?

Take a look at this map of Heraklion before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Heraklion

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