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Plakias Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Plakias

Panoramia of Plakias on the Crete coastline in Greece

Plakias – South Coast of Crete

Fly away to the fantastic resort of Plakias this summer found along the south coast of Corfu. You will find that Plakias, Greece, is the perfect place for families and couples who enjoy a relaxing break in a warm climate and great nature. Plakias beach is very desirable stretching very wide providing plenty of room for summer holidaymakers to soak up endless hours of sun.

Your transfer from Heraklion Airport will take around one and a half hours until you reach Plakias, but during this time you will be able to enjoy all the beautiful scenery that Crete is blessed with.

When choosing accommodation in Plakias you will have the option of hotels, apartments and studios. The hotels in the resort will provide half board for tourists staying whereas Plakias apartments are where those looking to go self catering are most likely to enjoy staying. Plakias studios are also available to choose from for tourists.

There is a good public transport system in Plakias and you will be able to use it to get around to nearby resorts including Rethymnon. Use buses, mini trains, water taxis and taxi cabs to get around on your holiday.

Plakias – Fun & Activities

Enjoy the Plakias beach on your holiday just like everybody else, it is the perfect place to relax during summer and work on your tan under the endless hours of Mediterranean sun. If you are interested in something more active at Plakias beach then you should try one of the great water sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing, sailing or hire a pedal boat. Paragliding is another fun activity which gives you the ability to see right across the island.

Plakias has plenty of things to do away from the beach such as visiting archaeological sites which paint a picture of the towns past and in Rethymnon you can visit the ancient Minoan Palace of Knossos. The natural beauty around the resort is there to be enjoyed also and many tourists experience it by taking walks or bike rides out into to the vast and scenic countryside, the Samaria Gorge is a popular hot spot.

Shopping in Plakias is fairly limited and you won’t find many stores selling clothes apart from things like beachwear. Souvenir stalls and crafts shops can be found if you want a memento of your holiday.

Plakias – Food & Nightlife

You will find plenty of restaurants in Plakias serving various dishes ranging from traditional Greek meals to popular international cuisine. Seafood is very popular with locals and something that will be available in most restaurants for tourists to try and enjoy. If you are self catering in a Plakias apartments you will be able to shop for things in the mini markets and supermarkets in the resort.

There are a few bars where you can enjoy a cocktail whilst listening to some music, there are even a couple of discos to go to also, that said, the nightlife in Plakias is very low key which represents the relaxed atmosphere in the resort. In your accommodation, mainly hotels, you will also find entertainment with various shows held on selected nights.

Plakias – Weather Info

Summers are always hot in Greece and Crete is no exception, the best place to enjoy this weather is along the south coast on the likes of Plakias beach. The heat of summer is very high particularly over the peak month being August when temperatures go as high as 27°C. With cloudless skies and summer days averaging around 13 hours of sunshine there is plenty of time to work on your tan in Plakias.

Over winter things will of course change but it still won’t be too cold making Plakias a great place to visit anytime of the year. Over the colder time in the resort the temperatures won’t go any lower than 12°C and there will be at least 4 hours of sunshine a day to enjoy. The rain starts to come during December but the wettest months of the year are January and February. When spring comes around the temperatures will once again rise.

Where is Plakias?

Take a look at this map of Plakias before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Plakias

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