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Kriopigi Holidays

Enjoy Kriopigi for a Peaceful Break


Kriopigi – Kassandra Peninsula of Halkidiki

Holidays in the north of Greece can be a fantastic experience as much of the nations natural beauty is at its best there. The region of Halkidiki has three peninsulas which reach out into the Aegean Sea, one of which is named Kassandra and that is where you can enjoy the bliss of Kriopigi holidays. Couples and families appreciate the resort the most as they find themselves surrounded by lush green forests which cover the hilly landscape before reaching down to the spotless beaches.

On the surface of things, transfers to Kriopigi may seem lengthy lasting at least an hour, but you can use this time to admire the blessed surroundings during this journey which is like a tour in itself.

The accommodation you will be choosing from provides something for absolutely everyone. Most of the hotels in the region are rated between 2 to 4 stars providing a good standard of accommodation for a reasonable price. Kriopigi holidays also have the luxury option of 5 star hotels for those looking to enjoy some fantastic facilities and amenities. Apartments are also available for those who want to enjoy their stay on a self catering basis.

The public transport allows tourists allow you to explore far and wide whilst on Kriopigi holidays. Taxis are available too, as well as hire cars which allow you to travel around in your own time.

Kriopigi – Sightseeing & Activities

The beaches in the north are truly sublime, relaxing has never been so easy. The dream of being able to take it easy on a sun kissed beach whilst gazing out to magnificent scenery with hills that fill that skyline is certainly something which Kriopigi holidays offer. Choose from one of the water sports available along the coast to keep you entertained also. If you are still looking to relax then why not go scuba diving to uncover the gems of the Aegean Sea or hire a pedal boat and be isolated in paradise. If you prefer high octane water sports then consider surfing, jet skiing or water skiing on Kriopigi holidays.

Those who prefer to explore the land rather than the coast can enjoy a variety of activities during the day. Horse riding is particularly enjoyable on Kriopigi holidays because of the stunning landscape you are able to travel around. Tennis courts are also available if you need your daily exercise too. Many people simply enjoy strolling through the countryside looking to create their own adventures.

Excursions to various nearby areas are popular with tourists. Visit the monasteries in Athos and explore the many mountain villages where you can experience a various quiet and quaint version of Greek life and culture. Boat trips allow you to venture over to various islands in the Aegean Sea as well as to the Petralona Caves.

Keen shoppers will find a few places selling clothes and souvenirs, but for something more extensive you should check out facilities in other resort you may visit. All in all Kriopigi holidays will have everything you would need to purchase.

Kriopigi – Cuisine & Nightlife

Fine dining is something you can always look forward to when holidaying in Greece, an area that Kriopigi certainly doesn’t disappoint in. Choose from various traditional Greek dishes or just as popular seafood cuisine during your break. Those who don’t have such a universal taste can enjoy meals in Italian restaurants. The hotels on Kriopigi holidays provide a varied menu with the aim of pleasing all its guests.

The nightlife is definitely relaxed, but it is certainly there. There are a few bars available providing music and cocktails to help you unwind on an evening. Over summer the odd nightclub can be found in the region if you are looking for a late night. However, most of the entertainment is kept to a minimum as the general ethos is to relax on Kriopigi holidays. Hotels will provide live shows and entertainment on selected nights, generally with a family theme.

Kriopigi – Weather & Climate

The weather in Greece is one of the most important aspects which draw the tourists in, so you expect it to be some of the best in the country during summer. Mix the beautiful scenery and terrific weather together and you get Kriopigi holidays. Over summer you can expect 10 hours of sunshine a day. During the hottest summer months of July and August the temperatures will flirt around 30°C.

The winter period in Kriopigi can be chilly at night, but the days are much warmer than anything you can experience in the UK. Winter is also the time when rain falls most frequently, this won’t relent until early February. Going on from February the temperatures and hours of sunshine will steadily increase moving towards spring and eventually summer. Autumn will remain fairly hot with temperatures around 20°C the norm if you are looking for a late getaway at the end of the year.

Where is Kriopigi?

Take a look at this map of Kriopigi before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kriopigi

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