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Lounge chairs on the beach in Sani, Greece

Sani – Kassandra Peninsula of Greece

Up-market holidaymakers will really enjoy the resort of Sani, Greece, as it has everything needed close to the hotels in the area so that you don’t have to travel too far to buy the odd item. The main Sani beach is a great place with pale sands and blue waters.

Your transfer from Thessaloniki Airport will take around an hour but this time will fly by if you take the chance to view the lush and vast scenery that this region of Greece is blessed with.

When it comes to accommodation in Sani, Greece you will have plenty to choose from. Enjoy Sani hotels which are rated between 2 to 4 stars, you can also stay in luxury villas and even campsites in the resort. In Sani hotels you can expect to find great modern services and facilities catering for its residents.

You will find that there is some great public transport available in Sani with buses there to get access to nearby villages to aid your exploration whilst on holiday.

Sani – Fun & Activities

As with most holidays you will want to head to the water’s edge and Sani beach is the perfect place to start enjoying your summer break. During the day at Sani beach you can soak up the sun on the pale sands or take a walk along the coast and unveil some cut off coves. If you want to enjoy a lively day then you will have the opportunity to try some great water sports at the beach including things like jet skiing, water skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing and surfing. You can try your best to stay on a speedy banana boat too or slow things down and hire a pedal boat taking it all at your own pace.

Other activities available in Sani include tennis, archery and frequent games of volleyball for tourists to get involved with. There are few unique things to enjoy in Sani such as the open air cinema as well as day cruises over to some of Greece’s popular islands. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the areas culture by visiting the monasteries of Athos or the caves of Petralona.

The shopping is limited in the resort there are a few souvenir shops to have a look in but Sani hotels probably provide the best place to pick up essential items too. An excursion into Thessaloniki will provide a few more shops where tourists will have a touch more variety to choose from.

Sani – Food & Nightlife

Sani hotels are where you find much of the cuisine when you are looking for a place to eat either during the day or on the evening. You can expect plenty of Greek cuisine and seafood to be available in the hotels though there is a few places to try out along the marina where you might find a thing or two more to your taste.

Again Sani hotels are the key this time when it comes to evening entertainment, you will be able to enjoy various live shows to see. You can enjoy a few drinks at the hotel bar but overall nights are pretty quiet and relaxing which is why people go there.

Sani - Weather Info

The key draw of Sani is its fantastic weather which can be experienced at anytime of the year. Over summer you can expect temperatures to be very high and over the hottest months of July and August you can experience highs of around 27°C. Also over summer you can expect there to be around 12 hours of sunshine a day where you can soak up the sun on Sani beach, the best place to enjoy the weather.

Outside of summer temperatures will of course drop as well as the hours of sunshine per day over winter you will still be able to experience 6 hours of sunshine a day with temperatures that wont go lower than 15°C. The most rainfall will fall between the months of November to February and the summer temperature will be coming back around by April.

Where is Sani?

Take a look at this map of Sani before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Sani

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