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Ios Holidays

Enjoy Island Life this Summer

View of the island of Ios in Cyclades, Greece

Ios – Greek Island in the Aegean Sea

Those looking to relax over summer whilst basking in the glorious sunshine which all Greek Islands enjoy can find what they are looking for with Ios holidays. Ios Island offers the ideal setting for a stress free and fun filled break. Though most times during the year couples and families can enjoy a relaxing getaway to the Greek Island, but over summer more groups of singles tend to enjoy some Ios travel to experience the lively nights. The fact that you’re never too far away from the beach makes Ios a great place to enjoy holidays.

You can reach the shores Ios Island via a ferry after your flight lands in Crete, Naxos or Santorini, alternatively from Piraeus in Greece. This type of transfer may appear lengthy but it better to think of it as an instant excursion into the Aegean Sea as you can witness marine life in their natural habitat.

There is plenty of fine accommodation to choose from along the coast of Ios Island that is suitable for all tourists. Hotels range from 2 to 4 stars and offer typical facilities and amenities that today’s tourists have come to expect. The various hotels available offer a variety of options including self catering, half board and all inclusive.

It’s a good idea to use the public transport available on Ios Island as it helps you explore further along the coast. There are various places where you can hire mopeds and cars or there are taxis available for you instead.

Ios – Sightseeing & Activities

As you may expect, Ios has a magnificent selection of beaches along its coast. Much of the popular resorts are based along the south coast where you can expect plenty of water sports to be available for tourists to enjoy. The waters sports include jet skiing, scuba diving, surfing and paragliding. Along the north coast you will struggle to find any water sports, which makes it much easier to lay back and relax on holiday in Ios.

Boat trips are a very popular form of activity in Ios. You can enjoy trips to various other islands in the Aegean Sea where you can spend the day shopping, dining or simply exploring the coast. Back in Ios there is much history to take an interest in - including Homers Tomb, Paleocastro Castle and the archaeology museum.

Travel along the coast to come across the island's best beach, the beach of Maganari. If you are still looking to enjoy some more exploration then head out into the vast countryside and embark on your own memorable holiday adventure.

Shopping shouldn’t really be one of your main reasons for booking an Ios holiday, because what is on offer fits the obvious requirements - food and essentials. You can find some places selling typical holiday clothes and similar items as well as plenty of souvenirs too.

Ios – Cuisine & Nightlife

Dining in Ios is an experience to be savoured, no matter which restaurant you try, you are guaranteed a top class meal. As you might expect there are many places serving up traditional Greek dishes and plenty of seafood for tourists to enjoy. Those who are fans of more universal foods will appreciate the Italian cuisine that is on offer in various restaurants also. If you are flying away on a self catering holiday you will be able to buy various food goods in the supermarkets found in all of the Ios resorts. There are plenty of bakeries and cafes around resorts also where you can pick up quick snacks during the day.

Ios holidays over summer can be quite the lively affair with various bars and clubs opening up for the influx of tourism. Bars provide music and cocktails for holidaymakers to start of the night and wind down the day before the clubs open up and welcome you in to dance all night long, only leaving when the sun comes back up. The lively atmosphere can be avoided outside of the peak summer months, which is the time that holidaymakers come to relax amongst the natural beauty that Ios Island offers.

Ios – Weather & Climate

You can enjoy great sunshine at almost any time of the year with Ios holidays. Summer is the best time to visit if you intend on enjoying the hottest weather the Greek Island has to offer. The peak summer months are July and August when temperatures during the day reach as high as 30°C. During the same time you can enjoy 12 hours of sun each day, which is more than enough time to work on a great summer tan.

Over winter the temperatures will of course drop, but not by as much as you may have thought. You can expect most days during the winter season to still have temperatures over 10°C, though on the months between November and February the most of years rain will fall. In the months before and after you can expect the weather to be warm and the sun for at least 6 hours a day, which is ideal for an early break if you are looking to avoid the large peak summer crowds.

Where is Ios?

Take a look at this map of Ios before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Ios
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