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Kalymnos Holidays

Beautiful Beaches on a Beautiful Island

Silhouette of a rock climber and cliff on Kalymnos Island, Greece

Kalymnos – Greek Island in the Aegean Sea

By choosing Kalymnos holidays, you will be able to enjoy a very unique experience of one of the Greek Islands which isn’t hugely overrun by the impact of tourism. Many people still want to travel to Greece and submerge themselves within the real culture of the nation. The choice of various golden sanded beaches and shores with shallow turquoise waters means you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right resort for Kalymnos holidays. Platis Gialos is often seen as the most popular beach on the island.

Kalymnos Island National Airport is closely located to all the main resorts around the coast of the island which means you will be able to enjoy a fast transfer to your holiday accommodation.

Merging the beautiful scenery with great accommodation is an easy task on such an island and the outcome is picturesque sights wherever you’re staying. There are plenty of hotels to choose from around the sun kissed coast on Kalymnos holidays most of which are generally rated around 3 stars offering comfortable accommodation with typical facilities and amenities modern travellers have come to expect. In the hotels you choose from all inclusive or half board services. If you prefer that little bit extra isolation then choose from the various villas in the region which give you great views during a self catering stay.

You will be able to use the regular public transport on the island to reach other resorts along the coast. Taxis are available for a reasonable price too helping you explore further on your Kalymnos holidays.

Kalymnos – Sightseeing & Activities

Along the southern shores you will find the islands capital Kalymnos Town which has a large port but the further along the coast you go you will come across various beautiful beaches. These are some of the best beaches found on the island, offering golden sands and warm waters which are ideal for children to play in. Pull up a sun lounger on Kalymnos holidays and enjoy the endless hours of sun in a truly soothing atmosphere. You will also find popular water sports to enjoy including jet skiing and paragliding. Beaches in Paltis Gialos and Kantouni are also very popular because of their cleanliness and size.

The island has plenty to do and see which is certainly worth exploring including the various museums. Go to the diving museum in Vlyhadia or the archaeological museum in Pothia for an eye opening experience on Kalymnos holidays. One attraction everybody aims to see during Kalymnos holidays is the Castle of the Knight of St. John.

People are encouraged to create their own adventures and experiences by exploring the vast open land on Kalymnos. You could take long walks along the coast to find various coves and places to relax in solitude. Head out into the heart of the land and head up the hilly landscape to enjoy some fantastic views across the island and out to the Aegean Sea. Rock climbing is popular and you can try it even if you are inexperienced thanks to local excursion groups. Boat trips offer tourists the chance to visit the other Greek islands nearby too and the shores of Turkey to places like Bodrum.

Shopping isn’t the biggest concern when it comes to Kalymnos holidays but there are options available for tourists. In various resorts you will find souvenirs are easily available but only in the likes of Kalymnos Town will you come across shops selling clothes, jewellery and perfumes.

Kalymnos – Cuisine & Nightlife

In the smaller resorts on Kalymnos you will find that Greek cuisine and seafood is mostly available in the local area. In the bigger resorts there is much more variety available to enjoy, including Italian cuisine. You will be able to enjoy light meals in cafes found in resorts. Hotels will cater for every meal of the day and they will have a decent menu to select from which offers various meals aimed at pleasing its guests of different nationalities on Kalymnos holidays.

The typical summer nightlife in the Mediterranean won’t be found here though there is always opens available for those who enjoy late nights. The general late night ethos is quite relaxed but larger resorts offer pubs, bars and the odd nightclub over summer. Aside from a lively party on an evening you can head to an open-air cinema in Pothia which is certainly an alternative option on Kalymnos holidays.

Kalymnos – Weather & Climate

The Aegean Sea is a beautiful part of the Mediterranean and over summer it experiences very high temperatures which have endeared it to the hearts of many. The best time to enjoy Kalymnos holidays is during the hottest summer months of July and August when the days will provide an average temperature of 30°C. During this very same time you will have 12 hours of sunshine each day.

Winter remains mild and the temperatures won’t drop lower than 10°C during the day. While the heat remains over winter unfortunately there will be some rain coming from November through till February, but it rarely last too long. The weather picks up once again in early spring which allows you to enjoy an early break or if you are thinking about the whole family then perhaps an Easter break.

Where is Kalymnos?

Take a look at this map of Kalymnos before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kalymnos
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