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Aghia Efimia Holidays

Enjoying the Beauty of Greece

Aghia Efimia traditional village at Kefalonia island in Greece

Aghia Efimia – West Coast of Kefalonia

Those interested in Aghia Efimia holidays are looking to relax in a very calm environment where families and couples are the most frequent of visitors to the quaint coastal town. Based along the west coast of the Greek Island of Kefalonia, the resort is surrounded by beautiful lush green hills which lead down to the town’s small, but adequate, beach.

Your transfers from Kefalonia Island International Airport will take at least an hour as it located on the opposite side of the island from Aghia Efimia. You trip will fly by if you choose to admire the breathtaking scenery that blesses Kefalonia’s landscape.

Aghia Efimia holidays provide warm and welcoming accommodation that only enhances the good vibes that spread throughout the town. Choose from hotels, apartments to enjoy your summers in. Hotels are the best option if you are looking to avoid cooking and washing up during your holiday because of the all inclusive option available. Self caterers can relaxation with glorious views out into the Ionian Sea whilst enjoying a meal in their rooms.

Public transport is limited on Aghia Efimia holidays although there is a bus service that takes tourists to nearby resorts and a water ferry to take you along the coast.

Aghia Efimia – Sightseeing & Activities

Down by the beach you will find a few water sports to enjoy during Aghia Efimia holidays such as scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing. Lazing on the beach is also popular simply soaking up the endless hours of sun which the resort enjoys over summer. Boat trips are available which take tourists up and down the coast uncovering beautiful little coves and over to the nearby island Ithaca.

The area around Aghia Efimia has plenty of attractions which capture the imaginations and interests of tourists, the main one being the great natural beauty which surrounds the area. Many people enjoy taking walks through the scenery to uncover the picturesque views which are waiting to be found. Tennis courts are available for those who enjoy a game or two during the day.

Excursions are also very popular with holidaymakers in Aghia Efimia. Visits to Drogarati Cave provide much intrigue. Trips to Melissani Lake grotto are equally impressive. The museum of Olympia is very good as you will be enlightened to the islands fantastic history and connections to Greek Mythology.

There isn’t a great deal of shopping to be done on Aghia Efimia holidays apart from food shopping and of course the odd souvenir shop. During you travels via excursion and what have you, you will be able to find some better outlets in other resorts.

Aghia Efimia – Cuisine & Nightlife

There are quite a few restaurants to choose from when you are looking for a nice evening meal on Aghia Efimia holidays. The majority of dishes on most menus will be filled with exquisite traditional Greek dishes and fresh seafood options. Almost every restaurant will provide universal dishes such as Italian and Chinese cuisine. There are plenty of supermarkets where you can pick up ingredients for a meal if you are self catering.

As a whole you should certainly expect the evening to be fairly quiet as the main ethos of the resort is relaxation. Having said that you can find a couple of bars which will serves drinks and play music, but these tend to close around midnight or before. Over summer there is one disco to be found just outside of town which tends to attract a fair bit of attention.

Aghia Efimia - Weather & Climate

The weather in Aghia Efimia is very good, particularly over the summer. Enjoy the best of the fine summer sun on the resorts beach during the peak months of July and August where the temperature will average around 27°C. This great weather is coupled with 12 hours of sunshine each day which is ample time to work on a fantastic summer tan. You would be unlucky to experience any rain whatsoever during the summer season which is an added bonus during your stay.

Winter is colder in the resort but not by a great deal and it could be a good idea to enjoy Aghia Efimia holidays here to avoid the winter in the UK. The temperature over winter still tends to stay just over 10°C which is ideal for those looking for a late escape. The hours of sunshine will still be around 6 which is more than enough for some. Most of the rain on the island comes between November and February, but it never lasts for too long and the warm climate clears things up very well.

Where is Aghia Efimia?

Take a look at this map of Aghia Efimia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Aghia Efimia

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