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Katelios Holidays

Explore the South Coast of Kefalonia


Katelios – South Coast of Kefalonia

With Katelios holidays you will be able to truly relax during summer, the resort has beauty in every direction and the coast has golden sands and turquoise waters. Couples and families will find Katelios the ideal summer resort with plenty of picturesque views to keep tourists occupied all day long. If you are looking for a lively evening but a resort which is quiet and allows you to relax on a night then Katelios holidays are perfect for you.

You flight will land at Kefalonia Island International Airport and will take around an hour to travel down to the south coast to Katelios. Though the travel time may appear long it is a perfect opportunity to view some of the great scenery which blesses the island.

There is plenty of great accommodation on offer for tourists to choose from to when staying in Katelios. The majority of the hotels in the region are rated around 3 stars and offer comfortable surroundings for families to enjoy. The accommodation offers fantastic facilities and amenities which modern tourists have come to expect. You will also have the option of all inclusive, half board and self catering during your stay. Katelios holidays also have villas to choose from which can provide more privacy making it easier for people to settle and relax during their break. Those on a budget will find apartment rooms also.

You will find a fairly regular bus service travels through the resort taking you to other resorts along the coast of Kefalonia, including the large town of Argostoli. Many tourists prefer to hire cars and motorbikes to allow them to explore in their own time of Katelios holidays.

Katelios – Sightseeing & Activities

The beaches close to the resort offer you the chance to find the ideal spot where you can lay back and soak up the endless hours of sun on Katelios holidays. Pull up a sun lounger or lay down a towel and you will be able to relax with the family on the clean sandy beaches which catch all of the day’s sun. The kids are safe to play on the beaches and the shallow waters are great for them too. Over to neighbouring resorts you will find the odd water sport if you are interested in a little extra from your days at the beach, night time turtle watching is another alternative for tourists on Katelios holidays too.

The vast countryside is something that will feel the urge to explore and you can do so by following the various tourist trails that allow you to venture across the hilly landscape. Bike rides are another way to go exploring on Katelios holidays. The general idea of the resort is for tourists to relax or create much of their own fun, but nearby Markopoulo has many festivities over summer which surround events involving snakes which is very interesting. Boat trips over to nearby islands as well as mainland Greece opens up your options for doing some sightseeing and enjoying fun activities, Argostoli is one such place.

Keen shoppers won’t find too much in Katelios apart from souvenirs and essentials, but with trips to other resorts you will be able to browse many more shops. In places like Argostoli you will be able to enjoy a much more extensive shopping experience with places selling designer goods such as clothes, jewellery and perfumes.

Katelios – Cuisine & Nightlife

Eating on Katelios holidays can be one of the many positives and highlights of your stay. The most popular cuisine in most restaurants is Greek which will come as no surprise, but it’s the type of food you should certainly experiment with on your holiday. As with most of the Greek Islands, Kefalonia offers plenty of fine and fresh seafood dishes. You will also find that restaurants also serve dishes from Italian cuisine and hotels offer a broad menu aiming to please its various guests. Supermarket will provide those staying self catering with a variety of food goods to prepare meals with.

The nightlife is very modest on Katelios holidays, which is why people come here. There are a few pubs where you can wind down the day with a couple of drinks, but they don’t remain open all night long. Hotels offer entertainment on selected night too. If you are looking for a late night with music and dancing you will need to head over to one of the larger resorts nearby, such as Skala which has lively discos to enjoy.

Katelios – Weather & Climate

It’s well known that all of Greece enjoys fantastic weather during the summer and throughout the year there is rarely ever much to complain about thanks to the Mediterranean climate. With Katelios holidays you can relax on the sun kissed beaches of summer and enjoy the high summer temperatures. The hottest summer months are July and August which experience daily averages of around 30°C, couple that with 12 hours of sun each day then have the ideal summer holiday this year.

Over the winter period you can expect the weather to be a little colder, of course, but things will rarely drop below 10°C which allows you to enjoy a mild break from the cold snap back in the UK over the same time. Winter still experiences around 4 hours of sunshine which is great if you are looking for a late holiday this year, or an early one next. Most of the years rain comes during winter but it rarely last long so it shouldn’t ruin any days of fun. The high temperatures will soon return in early spring.

Where is Katelios?

Take a look at this map of Katelios before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Katelios

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