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Kefalos Holidays

Enjoy This Summer on a Greek Island

Wonderful view to the sea from the mountains in Kefalos (Kos island, Greece)

Kefalos – South Coast of Kos

The relaxing resort of Kefalos can be found along the south of Kos Island close to the coast surrounded by beaches and picturesque countryside. Kefalos holidays are better suited for families and couples looking to head away this year and relax whilst enjoying some fantastic summer weather. This laid back atmosphere is the perfect setting for holidaymakers who want to take it easy at the beach during the day and enjoy a calm resort at night. The huge stretch of Kefalos beach means there is plenty of space for everyone.

Kos Island International Airport is located right in the middle of the island which means transfers are never too long to your chosen resort. After you have collected your luggage you can expect to arrive at your accommodation within 30 minutes or so.

The accommodation available throughout Kefalos is ideal for families and couples as most of hotels provide excellent services and facilities for guests to use. The Kefalos hotels offer typical options including self catering, all inclusive and half board. All hotels are reasonably priced, though, there is budget accommodation to find also.

There are plenty of regular buses running on the island and from Kefalos you will find one going into places like Kos Town. Water taxis, taxis and hire cars are available for alternative travel on your Kefalos holidays.

Kefalos – Sightseeing & Activities

Kefalos beach is the ideal place where you can truly start to unwind on your holiday as you will have the great views out into the sea whilst you lay back and relax on the fine golden sands. While most people come to relax and work on a fabulous summer tan you can also enjoy some lively activities including water skiing, jet skiing, surfing and paragliding. Boat trips are a great way to explore along the coast and the witness some of the exotic marine life in the surrounding sea.

Exploration of Kefalos itself is very interesting as you will find that many buildings and areas of the resort still maintain the quaint charm of times gone by. If you enjoy doing a little travel here and there then look out for places like the St. Ioannis monastery and the archeological site nearby which dates back to the 5th century.

It is certainly worth taking a trip to Kos Town as there’s plenty of activities and shops on offer for tourists to enjoy. There are mini markets, souvenir stalls and shops galore for tourists to enjoy a bit of a spree during Kefalos holidays.

Kefalos – Cuisine & Nightlife

Tourists to Kefalos get the chance to sample some fine cuisine in the form of traditional Greek dishes. Seafood is also very prominent on the menus of restaurants throughout the island. Kefalos also provides plenty of popular international cuisine including British, Italian and Chinese meals. During the day exploration is popular with tourists and so you will find many fast food options to pick up a quick bite to eat during the day.

The nightlife on offer during Kefalos holidays is fairly muted which is in keeping with the resorts general ethos as a relaxing place for families and couples to enjoy a break. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no options in terms of a lively night. There are a few bars around the resort and even a couple of nightclubs on offer which will keep you on your feet long into the morning.

Kefalos – Weather & Climate

You can expect typically fantastic weather from the Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea where there is plenty of time to work on a great summer tan. Over the summer you can enjoy long days of burning sunshine, around 10 hours to be precise. The hottest months to pay a visit to Kefalos are July and August when the temperatures are particularly high with 30°C not a surprising reading on some days. This large amount of sunshine and heat means that you will be able to spend long days soaking up the sun on Kefalos beach.

If you are planning a winter getaway then it is certainly worth considering Kefalos holidays which remain fairly warm. The temperature rarely drops below 10°C which is ideal for escaping the cold weather back home. The most rainfall the resort see’s over the course of a year comes between October and May with December being the wettest. Despite this rain the resort remains quite sunny and warm making it an ideal place to visit anytime of the year.

Where is Kefalos?

Take a look at this map of Kefalos before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kefalos

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