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Kos Town Holidays

Enjoy this Summer in Kos

Beautiful landscape with transparent turquoise sea near Kos Town

Kos Town – North Coast and Capital of Kos

Kos Town holidays have a diverse appeal to various people when it comes to tourism something which isn’t hard to see why with its stunning coast of lively atmosphere. Couples families and groups of singles will find plenty to entertain then, but more importantly there is rarely a clash interests upsetting people. You will more than likely be lured to the coast where you will have many sandy beaches and shallow turquoise waters to help you relax on Kos Town holidays.

Unfortunately the islands capital isn’t in great location to the main airport and your transfer will take at least an hour. The good news is that this gives you plenty of time to admire the lush scenery throughout Kos. You could say it is like an instant excursion on your holiday.

Kos Town holidays provide a lot of fantastic accommodation that will suit all tourists looking to find the right place to stay. There various hotels ranging from 2 to 4 stars in Kos Town. Those hotels at the higher end of the market will be better suited for families and couples looking to relax in comfortable surroundings, while those at the other end of the scale offer low cost rooms which are ideal for large groups. Either way all of the accommodation available gives you the choice of enjoying you Kos Town holidays on an all inclusive, half board or self catering basis.

The public transport in the islands capital is very good and you will find various buses offering you the chance to travel along the coast into other resorts regularly. Taxis are readily available during the day and night, though tourists often prefer hiring their own form of transport to allow them to travel when they please during Kos Town holidays.

Kos Town – Sightseeing & Activities

Either side of Kos Town’s port you will find long narrow beaches that provide plenty of room for everyone to relax under the endless hours of summer sun. Many people enjoy the best part of the day on Kos Town holidays lying back on a sun lounger, whereas others prefer livelier forms of entertainment. Water sports are always popular and you will find various operators offering tourists the chance to do a variety of things, including windsurfing, jet skiing, paragliding, banana boats and many more.

Away from the beach the large city provide many other options to keep you entertained during Kos Town holidays. Enjoy what remains of Roman occupation and visit the villas, baths and the amphitheatre which add great character and culture to the town. The Temple of Dionysus and the Castle of the Knights of St John are equally impressive and important to the heritage of Kos Town. See some of the most famous artefacts discovered on the island at the archaeological museum.

Trip off the islands are very popular as you are able to further your exploration by spending days on different islands in the Aegean Sea as well as mainland Turkey. Islands you can visit include Nissyros and Kalymnos. Ferries to Bodrum allow you to visit one of Turkeys most popular holiday resorts.

Keen holiday shoppers will find plenty of options in Kos Town ranging from souvenirs to designer goods. Trips to other places and islands open up the amount of options you have to pick up many other different items.

Kos Town – Cuisine & Nightlife

There is plenty of food, glorious food to enjoy on Kos Town holidays, various cuisines to suit all tastes. There will be plenty of chance for you to try out traditional Greek and Turkish dishes which are present in many restaurants in Kos Town, but there are places serving more universal dishes. British and Italian restaurants allow those with picky appetites to enjoy a good meal. Seafood is another popular option, as you can imagine there is plenty of supply. Hotels in the town offer a mix of dishes as they aim to please all their guests on Kos Town holidays.

Those who choose to can experience a very lively nightlife in Kos Town. You can start the night off in one of the many bars and pubs where you can enjoy cocktails and karaoke before heading off to one of the nightclubs that open up over summer. Many of the bars are located close to the shore which allows you to enjoy a fine evening drink as the sun sets. If you are looking for a more low key evening then stay at the hotel bar which provide live entertainment on selected nights.

Kos Town – Weather & Climate

Kos Town holidays will always deliver plenty of sun, but perhaps the main factor is will it also bring the sun. Over summer you can expect to enjoy 10 hours of sunshine each day. The hottest summer months in particular are July and August when the temperatures during the day will regularly exceed 30°C. The consistency of the weather over summer is one of the key aspects to why holidays on Kos are so popular with holidaymakers.

Autumn in Kos Town still enjoy great weather with many tourists still visiting during September and October. Winter is of course the coldest time to visit the island though during the day the temperatures rarely drop below 10°C. Most of the years rain will come during the winter months though it never seems to last too long. When spring comes around the weather improves greatly and Kos experiences temperatures similar to the peak of summer.

Where is Kos Town?

Take a look at this map of Kos Town before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kos Town

Other Holiday Resorts in Kos

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