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Glastros Holidays

Relax on the Shores of Mykonos

Little Venice in Mykonos Island Greece

Glastros – West of Mykonos Town

Located just outside of Mykonos Town you will be in touching distance of the lively antics of the island most populous region yet far away to relax in scenic beauty, thanks to Glastros holidays. Each of the Greek Islands is blessed with picturesque views and stunning nature which is waiting to be explored. Couples are largely attracted to the resort because of the seclusion and chance to enjoy each other’s company on Glastros holidays. Close to the beach and other attractions, but far enough away so you aren’t overwhelmed with tourist masses.

Mykonos Island National Airport is also in close proximity to Glastros which means a short transfer is on the cards, a journey that will take around just 30 minutes.

The accommodation available represents the type of ethos that Glastros holidays has, often quaint and very charming. There are a few hotels and apartments rated between 2 and 4 stars where you will find great facilities and services. Options in those accommodations offer typical all inclusive, half board and self catering options for guests to enjoy.

Public transport is available in Glastros which heads into Mykonos Town as well as other various resorts on the island. Taxis can also be used for a larger fee. As Glastros is out of the way of major resorts tourists tend to hire cars and bikes to make travelling around easier.

Glastros – Sightseeing & Activities

The beach at Mykonos Town might be the place to head to out of instinct as it is the largest town on the island, but in the opposite direction you will find Ftelia which has a much larger and tourist free beach. At the beach in Mykonos Town you will find that there are more water sports available to enjoy such as jet skiing, scuba diving, pedal boats and so on, but over at Ftelia beach you will be able enjoy a much more relaxing experience to enjoy during Glastros holidays. Clear views out onto the Aegean Sea are the perfect way to relax in the fantastic Mediterranean weather over summer.

Many people enjoy heading out on the tourist trails to explore the island and its nature creating their own adventures along the way. If you hire bikes you will be able to enjoy the slight breeze as you make your way across the stunning landscape found on Glastros holidays. One great way of viewing Mykonos is by take ferries which run up and down the beautiful coastline taking tourists to various other beaches and resorts on the island.

Excursions to other nearby islands in the Aegean Sea are also very entertaining options as you can spend the day in places in Crete and various others. Days wandering through the streets of Mykonos Town are also worthwhile as you will uncover various hidden gems which allow have a much more personalised experience on Glastros holidays.

Shopping is best done whilst enjoying an excursion in other resorts and towns including Mykonos where you will find plenty of fantastic souvenirs as well as designer clothes, jewellery and perfumes to take back home with you as mementoes of your Glastros holidays.

Glastros – Cuisine & Nightlife

The food on the island is very nice and you can expect to find many great restaurants to dine in, but the most popular form of cuisine tends to be seafood. Glastros doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of variety outside of the hotels, who themselves will provide a varied menu. If you are looking to enjoy a fine evening meal then it is recommended that you head over to Mykonos Town where there are options like British, Italian, Greek and Chinese restaurants to choose from. Glastros holidays will have places where you can pick up various ingredients if you are staying on a self catering basis.

Nightlife in the relaxing resort of Glastros isn’t exactly bouncing, as you may have expected. Hotel bars and selected nights of live entertainment will be the best extent of a lively night, though, this is people enjoy Glastros holidays. If you are interested in a late night out then you will need to head over to Mykonos Town which has plenty of pubs, bars and clubs where you can drink cocktails and listen to music all night long.

Glastros Weather & Climate

The weather in Mykonos is great all year long but of course summer experiences the best of it. Glastros holidays will provide high temperatures of around 30°C during the day over the hottest summer months of July and August, couple that with the average of 12 hours of sunlight and you have plenty of time to work on a great tan. Summer lasts from May up till September and during that time you will rarely ever see a cloud in the sky.

The winter period is of course colder than summer, but in comparison with weather back in the UK it could be mistaken for a mild summers day. The average weather during the day will rarely fall lower than 10°C, plus you can expect to find around 4 hours of sun a day too. The high temperatures will begin to return in early spring making Glastros holidays ideal for an early holiday.

Where is Glastros?

Take a look at this map of Glastros before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Glastros
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