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Aghios Georgios Holidays

Submerged in the Greek Beauty

The little church of Aghios Georgios (saint George) on Kithira island, Greece

Aghios Georgios – North and South of Corfu

The north of Corfu is blessed with lush green countryside which is ideal for tourists enjoy sumptuous surroundings and breathtaking views, you can enjoy all this and more with Aghios Georgios holidays. There are two Aghios Georgios’ in Corfu, one in the north and one in the south. In the north you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and close proximity to the wonderful coast, great for relaxing. In the south you are located right on the coast, here many families enjoy summer Aghios Georgios holidays.

Landing at Corfu International Airport it will take 2 hours before your transfer arrives in Aghios Georgios in the north and around 1 and a half hours going south, but this time can be passed quickly if you just admire the picturesque countryside.

There is plenty of fine accommodation available whether you are heading north or south for you Aghios Georgios holidays. In the south there are plenty of hotels and apartments which will suit all tourists looking to enjoy a hot summer break, whereas the north has smaller hotels along with more luxury villas for tourists to relax in.

The south has a much better public transport system as it is a busier resort welcoming all kinds of tourists, you will be able to grab regular buses into Corfu Town or you can hob in a taxi. The transport service isn’t as frequent in the north but it is there for you to enjoy your Aghios Georgios holidays.

Aghios Georgios – Sightseeing & Activities

The north and south have great access to the beach and both are typical of what you can expect from anywhere along the coast of Corfu, spotless sandy beaches with shallow waters ideal for playing in during warm summer days. The north beach in Pagi and south beaches are a great place to enjoy your Aghios Georgios holidays offering water sports including water skiing, scuba diving and paragliding among others.

In the south you will find various activities in and around the town to keep you entertained which is why families and other tourists enjoy this version of Aghios Georgios. The isolated and ultra relaxing them of the north allows couples to retreat and enjoy alone time, families would be better off avoiding this part of Corfu as you will be expected to make a lot of your own fun. The breathtaking beauty that is all over the island is certainly something you should explore whilst enjoying Aghios Georgios holidays. Boat trips out into the sea are popular where you can visit various islands that are found around the north and south coast of Corfu.

Shopping during Aghios Georgios holidays is fairly limited, finding only various supermarkets to pick up food and essential as well as the odd souvenir shop. Take advantage of the buses to Corfu Town where you will be able enjoy making top range purchases in the many shops available.

Aghios Georgios – Cuisine & Nightlife

Both north and south Aghios Georgios holidays have plenty of taverns for tourists to enjoy quick meals in during the day as well as places offering a good full English breakfast. In both areas you can expect the predominant cuisine on all menus to be traditional Greek dishes along with some find seafood. Of course there will be many meals on menus covering popular international cuisine from countries such as Italy. Self caterers will find various supermarkets selling popular branded foods.

The nightlife is also quite similar whether you are heading north or south on your Aghios Georgios holidays. There are a few bars and pub worth visiting for a few drinks with either music been played or sports been shown. A couple of discos can also be found for those looking to dance into the early hours. Though there are certainly options for a late night in either Aghios Georgios, the theme in both resorts is very relaxed one and you can expect to enjoy peaceful nights.

Aghios Georgios – Weather & Climate

The summers of Corfu are magnificent and when you’re on Aghios Georgios holidays, whether north or south, you will be able to enjoy great sun on the beach. Over summer you can expect to experience really high temperatures around 30°C during the hottest summer months of July and August. During summer you can also expect there to be around 13 hours of sunshine to work on a fantastic tan!

Winter weather still remains very warm staying around 12°C for the most of the time and rarely dropping below 10°C. The most of the year’s rain will fall during the winter months with November seeing a lot of it, this said the rain tends to clear up well enough so that tourists travelling at this time of year can still enjoy around 5 hours of glorious sunshine a day.

Where is Aghios Georgios?

Take a look at this map of Aghios Georgios before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Aghios Georgios
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