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Peloponnese Holidays

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The magical village of St. Kyprianos in Eastern Mani, Greece

Peloponnese – South of Greece

The region of Peloponnese in Greece is a very popular holiday destination with plenty of rich history and culture for tourists to sink their teeth into, as well as fantastic summer weather. Peloponnese holidays are generally enjoyed by families and couples because the scenic surroundings appeal to tourists looking to enjoy hiking through the lush green forests and mountainous landscape. The beaches along the coast are another popular setting for tourists where they can relax whilst working on their summer tan.

Kalamai Airport is the largest airport in the immediate area and is generally the touchdown point for most holidaymakers and found in the centre of the region makes Peloponnese travel very easy. Other ways of reaching destinations is by travelling from Ellinikon Airport in Athens as many bus services transfer from there.

You will have plenty of accommodation to choose from on your Peloponnese holiday most of which is rated between 2 to 4 stars. If you are looking to enjoy half board and all inclusive services you will find it in one of the hotels in the region, whereas if you would prefer to go self catering you have the option of Peloponnese apartments and villas to select from.

The public transport system on holidays in Peloponnese is very good and you will be able to hop on a bus and travel to various resorts, or you can get a ride in a taxi though it will be more expensive. Car hiring services are available which is better if you intend on exploring far and wide on your holiday.

Peloponnese – Fun & Activities

While those heading on Peloponnese travel will be looking to see the various historical sites you will find it hard to pass up a day on one of the fine beaches along the coast, the resorts on the south coast providing the best. On these beaches you can expect to find plenty of popular water sports including surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving and even paragliding. Many people do prefer to pull up a sun lounger and lay back soaking up the endless hours of sunshine on their Peloponnese holidays. Boat trips are also popular as tourists can be taken along the beautiful coastline of Greece and over to nearby islands for a day.

Greece is a country which is steeped in a colourful history and there are few ways to get to know it better than on holidays in Peloponnese. Ancient Olympia is one area which is very popular for tourists on Peloponnese travel because it is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, there you will also be able to marvel at the Temple of Zeus. Gytheion is a small fishing village but along its coast you will find the Caves of Dyros which is where one Helen of Troy is said to have started the famous Trojan War. In Corinth you will be able to see Mycenae the ancient ruins of one of Greece’s first civilisations. The city of Sparta is another must visit as it provides plenty of relics which will astound and amaze visitors.

The beautiful countryside and lush green landscape makes this area picturesque in every city, town and village. Pylos in particular is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Peloponnese, Greece in fact. Many tourists simply enjoy hiking through the various wooded regions and uncovering fantastic sights and viewpoints which are sure to fill up your camera of priceless images.

There are plenty of shops in all of the destinations in Peloponnese selling things like clothes, shoes, bags as well as plenty of souvenirs to take home as gifts of mementoes of your holiday.

Peloponnese – Food & Nightlife

You will have the choice of some great cuisine whilst on Peloponnese holidays as there are many great restaurants throughout the region. Greek dishes are available in all restaurants and are definitely something you should try whilst on your holiday. Seafood is also very popular and many restaurants you will find actually specialise in that area of food. You will also be able to find various popular international meals in the British, Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants.

The nightlife is different from place to place, most areas tend to have a low key atmosphere when it comes to evening entertainment, and most of which not open too late. Other areas tend to have plenty of bars with music and drinks on offer fairly late but never anything too hectic. Either way tourists are able to find what they like in one of the destinations available on Peloponnese holidays.

Peloponnese – Weather Info

You will be able to enjoy some fantastic weather in Peloponnese, Greece summers are often typified by what you can experience in this southern region. Over summer the temperatures are very high, some of the best in the Mediterranean, the hottest months are July and August when the highest temperatures tend to go over 30°C. This fantastic weather is coupled with 12 hours of sunshine which is perfect for working on your summer tan during Peloponnese holidays.

Outside of summer things will of course change and moving into the winter months the temperatures will fall to their lowest over the year, but they still won’t go lower than 10°C. There will also be around 5 hours of sunshine too which means you can still experience warms days during winter. December is the wettest month out of the year and you will have to wait till spring time to see the hours of sunshine and the temperatures go up significantly.

Where is Peloponnese?

Take a look at this map of Peloponnese before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Peloponnese

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