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Why not spend your holiday relaxing in Lindou Bay, Rhodes

Rhodes – Relax in the Lap of History

Have you ever considered a holiday in Rhodes? This Greek island is the largest of the Dodecanese islands off the southeast coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea. Its capital is the historically rich medieval city of Rhodes or Rhodes Town.

If you love history, then we would recommend a holiday in Rhodes. It has a mosaic past and has changed hands a number of times throughout the centuries. It has been occupied many times over the years by the Romans, the Turks and the Venetians. The history of the island extends back to the time ancient Greece and beyond. The harbour was purportedly the home the Colossus, one of the perished wonders of the Ancient World. The island and the city plays host to a plethora of ancient archaeological ruins, beautiful Byzantine churches and impenetrable Venetian fortresses.

A holiday in Rhodes has something for everyone. It is one of the most popular tourist holiday destinations in Greece with some fantastic resorts. If you are looking for a party destination then head for the resort of Faliraki. However, Rhodes is largely a family destination.

If your are looking for a last minute holiday in Rhodes or you need to travel on a budget then CheapHolidays.com has some great holiday deals, with some of your favourite locations on the island. There are a variety of options ranging from self-catering villas and apartments to hotels offering various boarding packages, and with quality ranging from 2-star to 4-star.

Rhodes - the Epitome of the Perfect Beach Holiday

An umbrella on Tsambika beach in Rhodes, Greece

A holiday in Rhodes has never been so popular. The island of Rhodes is loved by tourists from Europe and around the world because of its beaches and it’s very laid back (and typically Greek) way of life. Rhodes has a number of blue flag beaches including Reni 1. Popular Rhodes beach resorts include Kalathos, Afandou, Tsambika, Vagies, and Agathi, of which Faliraki, Vagies and Kalithea are located near the city of Rhodes.

Where ever you take your holiday in Rhodes, the beaches are made up of clean golden sand and feature crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, perfect to relax in and most beaches have good quality amenities such as parasols and sun beds. The beaches support the usual activities including water sports like windsurfing, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, water-skiing, parasailing and paragliding.

As with so many destinations in the “Med” it is easy to hire equipment from qualified staff whilst on your holiday in Rhodes. You can take instruction and training on most of these water sports. Boat rides and pedaloes are also popular among tourists.

So if you get fed up with the beach whilst on your holiday in Rhodes. Why not explore the island and it’s rich historical past. There are plenty of attractions on the island, such as the Citadel of Rhodes, the fortress of the medieval Hospitaliers, the Acropolis of Rhodes, and the Grand Master’s Palace.

One of the best ways to see the island while on your holiday in Rhodes is to take a cruise or a boat trip around the island, which is a good way of hopping from beach to beach, and to other locations such as other Decodanese islands or even the beautiful coast of Turkey. There are plenty of other popular activities that you can take advantage of including cycling, horse-riding, tennis, hiking, mini-golf, go-karting, bowling and bungee jumping.

Experience the Best of Greek Cuisine in Rhodes

Outdoor cafe in old Greek town of Rhodes

There are a great choice of destinations for your holiday in Rhodes. There are a number of excellent resorts to choose from. The one thing they all have in common is the fantastic local cuisine.

Rhodes town is a popular destination for most taking a holiday in Rhodes, whether just visiting or staying in the town itself. Although it can be quite busy, it offers a colourful nightlife with a number of bars, nightclubs and discos such as the Amazone, Laser and La Scala. These feature live music, dance floors and cocktails and remain active all night long. Rhodes also features a casino in the Grand Hotel Summer Palace, which is one of the most popular attractions for tourists.

If you choose to take your holiday in Rhodes, you will notice that the quality of restaurants is generally very high, Greek food is the dominant cuisine and sea food is very popular. As with many of the major tourist destinations in this part of the world you will also find restaurants offering international cuisines whilst on holiday in Rhodes.

Roast in the Warm Mediterranean Sun in Rhodes

Sunny island of Symi in Greece

Holidays in Rhodes are typical for the local Mediterranean climate with hot summers with an average temperature of 25°C, although the mercury often climbs to over the 30°C mark. May marks the official commencement of the summer season with an average temperature of 21°C, which rises up to 25°C during June.

You can be sure of 12 hours of sunshine on your holiday in Rhodes during the summer. This drops to 5 hours during the winter, which is pleasant enough. Winters tend to be mild in Rhodes with temperatures staying at around 10°C. The weather is at its best during the spring and the autumn seasons. The month of December is the most likely month for rain, and therefore the least desirable time to take a holiday in Rhodes.

Where is Rhodes?

Take a look at this map of Rhodes before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Rhodes

Rhodes Resort Guides

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