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Ixia Holidays

Summer on the Coast of Rhodes


Ixia – Northern Tip of Rhodes

If location is everything to you then you will certainly appreciate what Ixia holidays can do for you as you are right at the beach, but close enough to the bustling island capital Rhodes Town. Ixia is an all round resort offering clean and safe beaches for families, close proximity to exploration potential for couples and a decent nightlife for groups of singles. The views are great and the atmosphere is fantastic. Ixia holidays are exactly what you’ve been looking for this summer.

Rhodes International Airport, also known as Diagoras, is just west along the coast from Ixia by only a few miles, which means you can expect to benefit from a short transfer of around 30 to 45 minutes.

There is plenty of ideal accommodation to choose from with plenty of variety to please everyone on Ixia holidays. If you are looking for luxury or budget rooms it’s all here. You can choose from high class hotels rated at 5 stars or you can select from the reasonably priced 2 to 3 star hotels available, both of which will provide great facilities and amenities to guests. Throughout the accommodation available on Ixia holidays you will have the option of all inclusive, half board and self catering services and facilities too.

The public transport available is frequent which certainly helps with exploring the island, though because most things are in touching distance anyway you may prefer to travel to places on foot. Taxis can be found and hire cars are available to travel at your own pace on Ixia holidays.

Ixia – Sightseeing & Activities

A long sandy beach with turquoise shallow shores is what you can expect from Ixia holidays each and every summer. The easy going atmosphere makes it easy to relax on the beach and weather you choose to pull up of sun lounger or lay down a towel you will find it easy to unwind. At the same time there are parts of the beach which offer a much more lively option for tourists such as waters ports. Try out some jet skiing, waterskiing, snorkelling, scuba diving and paragliding on Ixia holidays. There is a water park over in Faliraki.

The small resort of Ixia has little to offer in terms of history and culture but that’s where the very lose by Rhodes Town comes in handy. Visit the Rhodes Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum to explore some interesting artefacts and to get a quick refresher of ancient times on the island. Next make your way to the fortified Rhodes Old Town and venture around the narrow streets which provide a unique experience of how things were once like centuries ago. Before leaving you must pay a visit to the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. A full island tour is also available for those who aim to enjoy as much as possible on Ixia holidays.

Shopping is certainly a popular pastime on holidays to Rhodes and most places offer plenty of options for tourists. In Ixia you will find mainly mini markets selling essentials and food goods, though there will be various souvenir shops and stalls too. Visits to Rhodes Town allow you choose from a variety of shops and boutiques selling designer clothes, jewellery and perfumes to choose from.

Ixia – Cuisine & Nightlife

You will be able to enjoy a variety of great cuisine and food at any point of the day whilst on Ixia holidays. You will find various cafes and fast food options available if you are looking for quick meals during busy days of exploration. The most popular cuisine on the islands tends to be, of course, Greek closely followed by seafood. On an evening you will be able to choose from some fantastic steak houses as well as places serving French and Italian cuisine.

The nightlife can be fairly lively over summer on Ixia holidays with many pubs and bars open serving cocktails and offering karaoke and live music for tourists and locals. You will find that there are a few clubs open over summer for you to enjoy a late night dancing and drinking. Head over to Rhodes Town if you are looking for a few more options when it comes to enjoying a late night out.

Ixia - Weather & Climate

Relaxing in the Mediterranean climate is what we all dream of over summer and with Ixia holidays you can enjoy just that. Summer is typically warm in the Mediterranean so you can always expect high temperature throughout the island of Rhodes, but during the hottest months of July and August you will experience average highs of 30°C during the day. Couple the high temperatures with 12 hours of sunshine uninterrupted by clouds then you will find plenty of time for sunbathing.

Winter is still a time worth considering Ixia holidays because the weather is quite mild and the temperatures during the day rarely drop below 10°C. Most of the year’s rain will fall over the winter period but it’s never last too long. The weather will once again pick up in early spring which makes Ixia holidays a good idea for the Easter break.

Where is Ixia?

Take a look at this map of Ixia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Ixia

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