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Kalathos Holidays

Relaxing on Greek Islands this Summer

View of Kalathos from a holiday villa in Rhodes, Greece

Kalathos – South Coast of Rhodes

Those looking to the Greek islands, Rhodes in particular, for a relaxing and hot summer break should take some time to see what Kalathos holidays can do for you. Based on the underbelly of the island along the south coast you will have your choice of beach which stretches for miles. Kalathos holidays have always been a firm favourite with tourists who enjoy the relaxing ethos of island life and appreciate the chance to unwind. Beauty, warmth and fun all epitomise what you can find in Kalathos.

Rhodes is an exotic wonder with plenty of natural beauty and you will instantly get the chance to enjoy it during your hour long transfer from Rhodes International Airport. The time may seem long but trust me it passes very quickly.

The accommodation in the resort is very much geared towards relaxing and peaceful Kalathos holidays. There are plenty of villas to choose from which allow families and couples to become isolated so they can enjoy much of their own company. The Atrium Palace is a huge accommodation complex found right on the beach which offers a variety of hotel rooms as well as holiday homes. If you prefer going all inclusive, half board or self catering, you will certainly find the option on Kalathos holidays.

You will be able to enjoy the access to a regular bus service which will take you to nearby resorts as well as all the way into the islands capital, Rhodes Town. Hire cars and taxis are options if you prefer travelling in your time.

Kalathos – Sightseeing & Activities

The long and wide beach found on Kalathos holidays means that there is plenty of room for holidaymakers to pull up a sun lounger and work on a terrific summer tan. Even over summer the beach doesn’t tend to get over crowded by the general masses of tourism, but even if it does there is plenty of room to spread out and relax. Water sports are a given over summer and you can enjoy some scuba diving, jet skiing and water skiing during you time at the beach. Floating in the shallow shores of the Mediterranean Sea can be all the same a magical experience on Kalathos holidays. Boat trips are another option which allows you to visit various other Greek islands as well as the Turkish mainland.

Exploration is very popular with tourists looking to uncover much of the islands intriguing past. Rhodes Town is an obvious destination to visit if you are looking to ‘see the sights’ with Rhodes Old Town which is a large area which was fortified centuries ago and the charming narrow streets take you in a time machine back to how things once were. Visit the various museums to be enlightened to various stories and events which occurred on the island of Rhodes. Lindos is another option which is only a short distance south from Kalathos. In Lindos you can visit the ancient Acropolis and the old churches which stand which have been kept in great condition.

If you are looking to pick up a few items during your time on Kalathos holidays then it would be best to do most of your shopping during day trips to other areas on the island. You will find souvenirs shops and mini markets selling various food goods but for a more extensive shopping you should check out what is available in other resorts, mainly Rhodes Town. There you will have boutiques selling designer clothes, top quality jewellery and various other items.

Kalathos – Cuisine & Nightlife

One thing Kalathos holidays aren’t short of is Greek cuisine and seafood. In fact, anywhere you go on the island you will find that those two options are the most frequent and enjoyed. However, don’t fear that there isn’t enough variety because you will find various restaurants serving Italian, Chinese and Mexican cuisine too. Hotels provide a good selection of meals. These are also varied as they aim to please the various tastes of their guests. If you are looking for quick and easy food during the day then there is the fast food option on offer too.

The nightlife is minimal but this is the reason people come here, so that they soak up the sun during the day and head to bed on an evening completely undisturbed. This is not everyone’s feeling of course and for those who enjoy a lively night make the short journey to Lindos to enjoy cocktails in one of the bars and dance all night in one of the clubs. The hotels on Kalathos holidays will provide some evening entertainment, but it certainly won’t go on through the night.

Kalathos – Weather & Climate

Summer in the Mediterranean is simply divine and Greek Islands like Rhodes enjoy plenty of sun. Kalathos holidays offer up a stretch of summer which lasts from May till September when the average temperatures are well over 20°C. The hottest summer months July and August have fantastic highs of 30°C during the day coupled with pretty much no rain whatsoever. With no clouds in the sky and 12 hours of sun you will find plenty of time for sun bathing.

Winter is also very warm in Kalathos comparison to the weather back in the UK, but then again most are. During winter days the temperatures will still be mild rarely dropping below 10°C. There will also be around 4 hours of sunshine making a late getaway very much worthwhile, though rainfall will be a little more frequent. If you would prefer an early escape then the Easter break would be a great time to head to Kalathos because the temperatures will be well into the 20°C region by this point of the year.

Where is Kalathos?

Take a look at this map of Kalathos before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kalathos

Other Holiday Resorts in Rhodes

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