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Kolymbia Holidays

There's Lots to Enjoy in Kolymbia

Kolymbia beach at sunset time, Rhodes island

Kolymbia – East Coast of Rhodes

With Kolymbia holidays there is plenty of life around the resort during the day and night. Enjoy great weather all day long and warm nights which make it great for the evening entertainment. Kolymbia offers plenty of activities for families and young groups of holidaymakers to enjoy. The beach is long, clean and the shores are warm and shallow offer plenty of room for everybody on Kolymbia holidays. Whether it’s relaxing on the golden sands or exploring the resort, you will find plenty to do.

Your flight will land down in Rhodes International Airport which is located in the north of the island which means you can expect your transfer to take around an hour. You can spend the time of your transfer admiring the scenery and becoming a little more accustomed with you new surroundings.

There is plenty of fantastic accommodation to choose from which is ideal for fully enjoy your Kolymbia holidays. The hotels in the resort range from 2 to 4 stars and all offer a comfortable setting for all tourists to enjoy. They offer typical amenities and facilities for guests. The prices for rooms vary allowing those travelling on a budget to choose from more affordable accommodation. With apartments to choose from also in the resort you will have the option of enjoy your Kolymbia holidays on an all inclusive, half board or self catering basis.

There is public transport in the form of a bus service which heads up and down the coast allowing you to reach as far as Rhodes Town. Taxis can be booked for quicker travel, though many prefer to hire cars to explore in their own time on Kolymbia holidays.

Kolymbia – Sightseeing & Activities

You will be able to enjoy plenty of your time on a stunning beach, but there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Kolymbia holidays offer a long stretch of beach where much there are many of lively water sports available. Some may find this particular area a little too busy, if so, a slight walk north will bring you to a smaller and much quieter area to relax under the summer sun. If you don’t intend to relax on a sun lounger all day long you can choose from fantastic water sports, including surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing and water skiing. As you can tell there is plenty to do at the beach.

If the types of activities you prefer in the hot Mediterranean sun mean you keep dry, then options are still available. If you are a keen golfer then you can play a few holes on the nearby golf course in Afandou, which is open to tourists. If you want to explore more of the surrounding area then why not head off on a bike ride? This way you will be able to reach various areas off the beaten track on Kolymbia holidays.

Excursions are a great way to experience to see as much as possible on your holiday, and Rhodes has plenty to see. Trips up Mount Tsambica are one option for adventure tourists. The islands capital Rhodes Town has plenty of history to explore including the old town which still surrounded by a castle wall. Inside you will find the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. There is a water park to visit in Faliraki which has various rides and slides that are ideal for all tourists to enjoy.

If you would appreciate a little shopping excursion whilst on Kolymbia holidays then you will find a few places selling souvenirs and various essentials. For a more extensive shopping experience then you would need to venture over to the likes of Rhodes Town where there will be shops selling designer clothes, jewellery and perfumes.

Kolymbia – Cuisine & Nightlife

Cuisine can often be a key selling point when considering a return back to some holiday destinations and in Kolymbia you certainly won’t be disappointed. You will of course find plenty restaurants on offer which serve various traditional Greek dishes, something which you must try during Kolymbia holidays. For a fine evening meal there are Italian restaurants where everyone will find meals that are to their liking. During the day you will find cafes and other places serving food and light bites. Hotels offer a varied menu with the aim of pleasing the various nationalities of their guests. If you are self catering on your stay the local mini markets provide international brand food goods for you to choose from.

There is a reasonable amount of activity on an evening in Kolymbia, but so much that you would call it a party resort. There are bars and pubs where you can enjoy live music and karaoke. Hotel bars tend to put on live entertainment on various nights too. You can enjoy a reasonably late night and over summer you will find a couple of discos too. A few miles north the popular resort of Faliraki provides the best night out on the island. This will come as good news for the groups of singles in the resort.

Kolymbia – Weather & Climate

Most areas in the Mediterranean enjoy terrific weather all year long and this is what you can expect from Rhodes Island. Over summer Kolymbia holidays will provide you with around 12 hours of sunshine each day. The hottest summer months to enjoy you break is in July and August when the average temperature during the day is over 30°C.

Autumn temperatures still remain very high, falling to around 20°C. When winter arrives the nights will become colder and if you travel during this time you may want to bring a jacket. That said the daytime during winter will still have temperatures above 10°C. Spring will see a steady rise in weather as the heat returns in time for summer. Most of the year’s rainfall will occur during winter, but it never lasts too long.

Where is Kolymbia?

Take a look at this map of Kolymbia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kolymbia

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