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Hong Kong Holidays

Asia’s World City

Hong Kong city with sunset

Hong Kong – West Coast of India

Hong Kong holidays offer tourists a trip to a subtropical climate as well as a truly fascinating and modern world city. The area is self governed after sovereignty was handed over to the Chinese from the British Empire in 1997. All tourists can enjoy a great holiday exploring this vast region which is regarded as a large city. Because of the multicultural nature of the city you will find many English speaking areas during your holidays to Hong Kong. Islands which fall off the peninsula of the region mean that there is plenty of exploring to do and entertainment to be enjoyed in this fascinating place.

Your lengthy flight will finally land at one of the world top airports, Hong Kong International Airport. This large airport has direct flights from most of the world’s major cities in various continents. As Hong Kong is so large you will find that transfer times vary.

This very modern city has a huge selection when it comes to accommodation, so you can expect to find many options when choosing the right place to stay on a holiday to Hong Kong. If you have quite a kitty built up for some luxurious 5 star accommodation, then you will find it in the heart of the city. Top hotels come with world class services and facilities that will make you feel thoroughly comfortable. Mid range options can be found too if you are looking for cheap accommodation in Hong Kong. As the region is so large there are also many hostels which allows people travelling on all budgets the ability to visit.

Pick up an Octopus card, ideally before you visit, and you will have instant electronic access to the public service system during Hong Kong holidays. Travel by train, tram and buses when you are exploring. Taxis are available if you want direct transport. Ferry’s run daily and will take you to mainland Hong Kong and the various islands off the coast.

Sightseeing & Activities

There are various beaches to choose from which offer all sorts of water sports as well as the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day soaking up the summer sun. The most popular area is Repulse Bay which is large beach that has many brand new facilities. The natural aspects of Hong Kong holidays are there to be enjoyed and the best way to do this is by going on one of the guided walks. This way you won’t miss any spectacular views or scenery during you visit, especially Victoria Peak.

If you want to get some information on the history of Hong Kong then you can visit one of the many museums located throughout the area. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Museum of History are two places where you can learn interesting facts about the nations past dynasties. If you are interested in discovering facts about life in today’s world and Hong Kong’s current culture, then you can visit the Visual Arts Centre and the Museum of Art.

Theme parks are very popular with tourists and natives. Visit the likes of Disneyland, Ocean Park and the Buddhist themed Ngong Ping 360. These are all great options for all types of tourists coming to enjoy a holiday in Hong Kong. Planning your trip around various festivals can be a great way to submerge yourself in the local culture. Chinese New Year is a very festive time to enjoy, although shops and restaurants tend to be closed. The Halloween period has drawn in many tourists over the last few years as the celebrations are a very big deal, definitely a great time to enjoy a holiday there.

Shopping can be a fun experience in Hong Kong as there are some large shopping malls with outlets selling internationally known brands of clothes, jewellery and perfumes. Shopping in Hong Kong is an easy way to blow your budget because there are so many things to buy, especially great electronic items. Quaint markets can also be found and they are the best place to pick up some authentic souvenirs.

Cuisine & Nightlife

Hong Kong holidays provide a vast amount of Asian cuisine for you to enjoy during your visit. Expect to find some very welcoming restaurants and some very high class venues when dining during the day and on the evening. During the peak dining hours it is common to find queues outside many restaurants. If you are wondering when these peak hours are, you will soon find out during a holiday to Hong Kong. If you prefer more European dishes then it isn’t too hard to locate the odd Italian restaurant. Popular fast food chains are also present throughout the city.

As there are many districts you will find that there is more than one place to consider visiting on an evening. Three areas you must consider if you are looking for a night with drinks, music and dancing are Lan Kwai Fong, Wanchai and Knutsford Terrace. Various music concerts occur in Hong Kong throughout the year. Gambling is a big interest too and you will find many places, including casinos, where you can enjoy a flutter or two.

Weather & Climate

The average weather is very good making anytime perfect for a holiday to Hong Kong. The summer months are the best time to visit as the temperatures will be well over 20°C. The peak months of July and August are when things can get really hot and the temperatures can reach over 30°C during the day. Accompany those figures with 12 hours of sun each day and you will find it easy to spend plenty of time at the beach. As autumn comes by the weather remains humid right into December.

Winter in Hong Kong doesn’t see as much rain as the summer, but the temperatures are halved. That said you will rarely see things drop below 10°C during the day. January and February can be the coldest months as strong cold winds are frequent, though they are less problematic than the erratic showers and thunderstorms of summer.

Where is Hong Kong?

Take a look at this map of Hong Kong before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Hong Kong
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