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Holidays in India

Discover the Delights of a Holiday to India

A beautiful sunrise lights the side of the Taj Mahal in India

India - Stunning Scenery and a Fascinating Culture

Holidays in India are truly a fantastic choice for anyone looking to discover one of the most exciting, culture filled destinations in the world. Seeped in history and home to some of the most interesting historical monuments in the world, travellers of all ages are destined to find their ideal India holiday experience. Whether you are looking to backpack across the country of simply relax on one of the many sun kissed beaches, you will never be short of things to see and do during your stay. There is over 65 miles of stunning coastline that offers everything from relaxing boat cruises to exhilarating water sports. India offers some of the most picturesque scenery in the world with the snow covered Himalayas to the North and the traditional, coastal villages in the South. The busy cities manage to combine modern, contemporary facilities with exotic scents, sounds and authentic culture.

Families, couples and even budget travellers can all find the perfect India resort, from the stunning resort of Goa to the bustling city of Delhi. Accommodation is as varied as the landscape itself with India hotels, hostels and private villas to suit all budgets. The larger hotels offer a broad array of packages to suit your holiday needs including all inclusive, self catered and half board. If you are looking to discover the delights of a holiday to India, make sure you take advantage of the great value packages on offer right now.

India - Sightseeing and Attractions

Hindu God statue at a Hindu temple

Holidays in India are ideal for people that like spending time exploring their holiday destination. The country itself is extremely diverse with a fascinating mixture of cultures, landscapes and sightseeing opportunities. Some of the most famous sites to explore during your stay are the majestic Tag Mahal and the Amber Palace. Both of these sites attract thousands of tourists each year looking to marvel as the spectacular architecture.

Those choosing to visit the vibrant city of Delhi can take a trip to the Red Fort, one of the iconic monuments in India built in the 17th century. The sandstone walls rise high above the city and regularly attract crowds of tourists looking to learn about the ancient Mogul empire. The Victoria Memorial is another fantastic spot to explore during your stay, ideal for those looking to enjoy around a fascinating museum during their holidays.

India is the ideal spot to indulge in a little retail therapy with hundreds of markets to discover during your stay. The Chandni Chowk is one of the biggest bazaars in India where visitors can pick up authentic Indian crafts and local produce. There are plenty of organised tours to enjoy during a holiday in India however many tourists choose to stray off the beaten path and enjoy backpacking through the many jungles and desert areas.

Package holidays to India are also perfect for active travellers who are looking to take advantage of a wide range of sports and leisure facilities. Water sports are especially popular with activities including wind surfing, snorkelling, parasailing and canoeing all available for visitors to try during their stay. Horse riding and golf are also popular tourist activities along with trips to some of the fantastic animal sanctuaries around the country.

India - Nightlife and Cuisine

Bright colours on a market stall in India

Holidays to India are ideal for those looking to sample a wide range of authentic, delicious Indian dishes. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants around the country especially within the larger cities and close to the coastline. Fresh seafood is a speciality with many staple dishes and delicacies on offer. Spicy curries are also popular with plenty of variations to ensure that you can find the perfect tone to suit your taste buds.

Those looking for more familiar tastes will be in their element with plenty of international restaurants to choose from during a holiday in India. Italian, Chinese and even American fast food restaurants can all be found around the main tourists areas. Those looking to simply pick up a quick snack will be able to find a wide array of stalls and markets selling mouth-watering snacks.

The nightlife in India is vibrant however it varies depending on where about you choose to stay. Goa is especially lively with plenty of bars and nightclubs to enjoy during your holiday in India. Whether you choose to enjoy one of the many live music events on offer or simply indulge in a few cocktails there is something for everyone. India also boasts a wide range of events such as concerts and DJ’s, there are also cinemas for those looking for something different to enjoy during their India holidays.

India - Weather and Climate

Camel and guide on safari in the desert, India

India holidays are ideal for those that enjoy hot, summer weather with warm temperatures all year round. The best time to enjoy a holiday in this beautiful country is from November to March when the temperatures are at their highest, typically staying around the 30°C mark.

There are some very distinct season changes to watch out for during a holiday in India. The monsoon season tends to begin in June and can last for up to four months. During this time the country is very humid with heavy rainfall. After the monsoon season has finished the country is left refreshed with clear skies, ideal for those looking to enjoy backpacking around the country without having to battle high temperatures or pouring rain!

The summer months tend to see around 10 hours of sunshine per day, ideal for those taking advantage of one of the many coastal resorts in India for a beach break. The fantastic coastal breezes ensure that temperatures stay low, perfect for those travelling with small children.

Where is India?

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Map of India

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