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Cork Holidays

Eire’s Second Largest City

Amazing sunset at the river of Cork city in Ireland

Cork – Close to the South Coast of Ireland

The most significant feature of Cork holidays is the River Lee which flows right through the heart of the city. Cork holidays are ideal if you are looking to enjoy a long weekend break or as a base if you are interested in exploring the vast countryside of Cork County. Historically and culturally significant sites lay waiting as does the flora and fauna of Ireland’s fascinating south coast.

Flights to Cork Airport are frequent and short so you will never have to wait too long before enjoying your time in the vibrant city. The airport is close to the city centre too, so transfers will only take around 20 to 30 minutes or so.

The accommodation available on Cork holidays is vast and varied enabling all tourists to enjoy a break there. If you are looking to enjoy your stay surrounded by luxury then choose from high end accommodation such as the 5 star hotels found in the city. Comfortable hotels with all the typical amenities and facilities are can also be found, rated around 3 stars. Hostels and camp sites are also options for budget travellers and those looking to explore the landscape on Cork holidays.

Public transport runs frequently through the city making travel easy. Taxis are just as easy to get hold of and will help you reach your exact destination.

Cork – Sightseeing & Activities

If your aim is to head out of the city then you will want to consider visiting places like the Cork City Gaol which can be reached by foot or tour bus. There you can explore a bit of the region’s history whilst at the same time admire a great view of the city. If you choose to go hiking out into the countryside there is a lot to explore, visitors can also follow the River Lee back into Cork to visit Fitzgerald Park where nature lovers will certainly be in their element.

The historic aspects to the city can make Cork holidays a superb and eye opening experience. Historic walking tours allow you to venture over to the various landmarks and similar places of interest. St Finbarr’s Cathedral and Shandon Church add to the cities appeal, or enjoy some of Cork’s most impressive art at the Lewis Gluckman Gallery.

As for activities, you can plan your visit around such events as the Film Festival in November or the Jazz Festival in October. The Midsummer Festival allows you to become submerged in Irish culture and festivities. You may even want to pay a visit to Pairc Ui Chaoimh on Cork holidays, which is the city’s main stadium and home to the local football team.

There are plenty of great shops available to enjoy a spree or two. Head into designer boutiques to pick up some great clothes, jewellery and perfumes on Cork holidays. For a more authentic shopping experience head to the Cork English Market where various items are on sale, perhaps a good place to pick up a few souvenirs.

Cork – Cuisine & Nightlife

Hungry? There are more than enough places to eat no matter what mood you are in. Cork holidays provide quality restaurants for fine evening meals and cafes for somewhere to enjoy a snack or light meal during the day. Typical British cuisine will be present on most menus though there are restaurants which specialise in Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisines too. As previously mentioned there are cafes for small meals, but you will find popular fast food outlets around the city too. Note that hotels also tend to provide excellent food for their guests.

The nightlife available on Cork holidays can be very enjoyable with bars and pubs offering up live music and plenty of drinks for locals and tourists to enjoy. There are various areas which are filled with fun places to go where the atmosphere is jovial and all are welcome. Some places will offer a more modern nightlife while others allow you enjoy a more traditional Irish experience.

Cork – Weather & Climate

If you are coming to enjoy the atmosphere and general ambience of Cork then there is no perfect time to visit, though the Christmas period lights up the city centre. Choosing summer to enjoy Cork holidays is a good idea if you prefer to avoid the chilly period and what better way than with temperatures well over 20°C. The best month to enjoy hot weather is July.

Autumn can be cold but if you are familiar with British weather then you know what to expect. Winter is much of the same though you might see some snow fall, particularly in January. For those coming for a long weekend the weather will have little impact on what you can do and experience, many believe winter is a much more magical time to visit the city. Spring will bring back warmer temperatures for those who prefer explore the county as well as the city.

Where is Cork?

Take a look at this map of Cork before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cork
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