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Holidays in Italy

Enjoy the Italian experience

Village of Manarola, on the Cinque Terre coast of Italy

Italy - The Mediterranean Jewel

Italy is a long narrow peninsula situated in the Mediterranean Sea, each region offers something different with rich culture and history to explore. Italy holidays are ideal for couples and families looking to getaway and discover one of the world's most popular holiday destinations. Along with the beautiful mainland, Italy also consists of the stunning islands of Sicily and Sardinia, home of the holiday resort of Alghero, both great places to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Italy. Whether you are looking for a summer holiday destination or simply somewhere to enjoy a weekend city break, Italy has something for everyone. Some of the most popular spots to visit include the spectacular cities of Rome and Venice along with the idyllic Rivera’s. Visitors to the country will soon be entranced by the diverse nature of the landscape; Italy boasts large mountain ranges, vast green countryside and many beaches that are ideal for soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

The accommodation in Italy ranges from budget hostels to luxury Italy hotels, whatever your holiday budget you are guaranteed to find something to suit all tastes. If you are looking to explore one of the many fantastic Italian cities there are hotels situated close to many of the historic sites, ideal for sightseeing. Those looking for a more relaxing Italy experience can head into the Italian countryside and stay in one of the more secluded cottages, villas or apartments.

During your stay there are plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy including many sightseeing tours, sports facilities, Italian restaurants and a vibrant nightlife to enjoy. Public transport is both reliable and frequent with buses, taxis, trams and trains available. Those choosing to stay in Venice can also take advantage of the traditional water taxi’s or even take a gondola ride around the city.

Italy - Sightseeing and Activities

Grand Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

Holidays in Italy offer something for all tastes from historic sites to golden beaches. Each of the Italian regions offers something different with distinctive monuments, culture and cuisine that are just waiting to be discovered. The ultimate sightseeing city is Rome, the centre of the Catholic Church. There are several Roman ruins and monuments to explore including the famous Coliseum and the opportunity to experience Vatican City. To experience some of the famous Italian fashion and style, a trip to Milan is recommended. Italy is the fashion capital of Europe and visitors can find some of the biggest names in fashion along with many exclusive boutiques. Couples looking for a romantic break will appreciate the beautiful city of Venice where visitors can take a gondola ride through the Grand Canal and witness the stunning Venetian architecture and traditional sights.

Italy holidays offer something for all tastes with traditional art and architecture everywhere you turn. The many churches and museums boast work from some of the world’s most famous artists and architects, ideal for art lovers or those simply wishing to learn more about Italian heritage. Some of the flatter areas of Italy are popular with cyclists looking to ride through beautiful surroundings; active travelers will also appreciate hiking through the Tuscan countryside or taking a drive along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. Ski holidays in Italy are also extremely popular with large resorts catering for all budgets including Courmayeur, Sestriere and the spectacular Aosta Valley. Those simply wishing to relax and unwind are advised to head to one of the Italian Rivera’s; the Venetian Riviera especially has many spectacular beaches with white sand and crystal clear Mediterranean water.

Italy - Cuisine and Nightlife

Bruschetta - Traditional Italian cuisine

Holidays in Italy are not the same without sampling some of the delicious traditional Italian cuisine. Each Italian region has its own distinctive cuisine with local dishes and delicacies that are available in many of the fantastic restaurants and cafes. Those visiting one of the Italian islands will find an abundance of fresh seafood especially in Sardinia. For mouthwatering pasta dishes Rome is definitely the place to visit whereas fans of rich meats will appreciate traditional Tuscan delicacies. The majority of restaurants and cafes in Italy are very reasonable priced, for an added splash of luxury there are many high end restaurants that offer a fantastic dining experience. One thing that you can find wherever you visit during your Italy holiday is great wine, Italy is famous for its rich reds and light white wines, the perfect addition to any meal.

Those looking for a lively evening experience during their holiday to Italy will not be disappointed. Although the atmosphere is not as raucous as that in other popular party destinations, Italy offers many bars and nightclubs that cater for all tastes. Whether you wish to simply enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the sea or dance till dawn in one of the nightclubs, you can find everything you need especially in the larger Italian cities.

Italy - Weather and Climate

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Italy holidays can be taken all year round with a warm Mediterranean climate that lasts through the winter months. The hottest temperatures are found during the peak summer months where visitors can enjoy temperatures in the high thirties. The summers in Italy are usually long and dry with hardly any rainfall. The main holiday season starts in April and finishes in late October, ideal for anyone looking to avoid the summer crowds and enjoy a relaxing experience. The temperatures do droop outside of the holiday season however they stay at a comfortable level, ideal for enjoying an Italy city break.

The Italian mountain regions have heavy winter snowfalls, ideal for those ready to experience a ski holiday in Italy. The north of the country is known for its sporadic rainfall therefore those visiting from October to December are advised to pack suitable clothing.

Where is Italy?

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Map of Italy

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