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Lake Como Holidays

Experience Lake Como this Summer

Como Lake, Lombardy, Italy

Lake Como – Northern Part of the Italian Lake District

There are various towns around the shores of Lake Como, Como attracting most people attention, but all places offer a great starting point to enjoy the regions natural beauty. You will certainly enjoy a relaxing experience during holidays in Lake Como where the lake itself will provide plenty to do, but around the area exploration will bring much more entertainment. Families come here to relax and couples enjoy getting closer, those who can afford it retire in these picturesque parts.

The easiest way to get to your chosen destination around Lake Como is via a coach transfer when landing at nearby airport Milan Malpensa.

You can find some reasonably priced accommodation to stay at on Lake Como holidays, but much of what is on offer is sublime luxury. Holidays in Lake Como aren’t just for the ‘super rich’ as villas are attainable for good value as are rooms in the various hotels. However, if you were looking to spoil yourself in this beautiful part of Italy, then you won’t find it too hard to do so. Many people come to enjoy special occasions and Lake Como hotels tend to make it a great experience via the variety of luxurious services and facilities on offer. Lake Como villas can be a cheaper option and you can also find yourself in a great position to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. All inclusive and half board options are available, if you want to go self catering then you will find various shops selling great food goods and ingredients too.

A lot of people prefer to hire cars to make travel easier as there is little public transport available in some parts. A rail service runs through Como from Milan if you want to make your own way from the airport.

Lake Como – Sightseeing & Activities

Holidays to Lake Como are all about scenery and nature opposed to sun, sea and sand, but people coming here would only be well aware of that fact. Boat tours and tourist trails are the key to unlocking the experience and views of this fantastic region which is a great tourist lure.

Some of the best tourist towns to consider are Varenna, Menaggio and Bellagio. In any these places you will be able to take a boat trip out onto Lake Como as you are shown the best sites. Bring an extra roll of camera! As you will have been gazing up the hills and mountains of the region you have no doubt decided on your next excursion. Head up the hillside trolleys and uncover views across the whole of the Lombardy region. There may be no beaches but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy water sports on Lake Como holidaysM. Hire waters boats, go water skiing or even learn kite surfing in various places. Sports such as tennis and golf can be enjoyed in the serene surroundings at Villa D’este and Monitcello. Relaxation is the key to Lake Como holidays and the facilities found are perfect for helping you achieve that.

Perhaps a bit of retail therapy is in order? If so, you can buy various elegant items in the large town of Como, however, a trip to Milan will unlock the potential to purchase some sublime clothing, jewellery and perfumes. Food goods are something which is certainly worth purchasing whilst in Italy. You will find some exquisite locally made wines during holidays in Lake Como that are ideal to bring home as gifts.

Lake Como – Cuisine & Nightlife

Lake Como can cater for those with a fair bit of money to spend so you can expect the cuisine available to be as good as it gets. In the likes of Como you will find plenty of restaurants which offer the perfect setting to experience a fine Italian meal on holidays to Lake Como. Seek out quaint cafes during days of exploration through the popular towns around Lake Como and you can discover some real gems which offer you the food and lifestyle of Italy. Of course you will always find the odd fast food option.

The nightlife is entertaining, but certainly not wild. Lake Como holidays aren’t befitting a lively group of singles. Bars can be found in all of the towns surrounding the lake, with Bellagio boasting some of the best. Try various locally produced wines and soak up the ambience on an evening. The relaxing atmosphere makes unwinding on the night time an experience to savour, which is why various celebrities come here to get away from it all.

Lake Como – Weather & Climate

Lake Como weather is good throughout the whole of the year. Summer will be the best time to enjoy the hottest weather during Lake Como holidays. The month where summer is considered at its optimum is July when temperatures during the day will average around 30°C. Good weather is a strong component of what creates great holidays to the north of Italy.

Autumn is still fairly warm and the temperatures will still be ranging around the 20°C mark despite Lake Como being close to Swiss border. Winter will of course bring the year’s coldest weather, though during the day temperatures will rarely drop below 10°C. Winter may be colder but it offers a different type of atmosphere for tourists to experience. Spring will see the region begin to glow as the colours of nature begin to bloom once again.

Where is Lake Como?

Take a look at this map of Lake Como before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Lake Como
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