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Neapolitan Riviera Holidays

Enjoy Rich Art and Culture


Neapolitan Riviera – Southern Italy

Breathtaking views, stylish shops and restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg if you choose to enjoy Neapolitan Riviera holidays this year. With places like Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast nearby you will have plenty of time to enjoy the fine weather as well as the divine culture of Italy. Couples and families will find Neapolitan Riviera holidays a great experience as there is so much to see and do.

You can expect a short transfer because the region’s airport, Naples Airport, is located centrally which makes it easier to reach you accommodation.

There is a great collection of accommodation to choose from during Neapolitan Riviera holidays. Throughout the various part of the Neapolitan Riviera you will find that hotels are rated around 3 stars on average, this means you will always find somewhere offering you top services and amenities during your stay. There are luxury options as well as budget apartments to choose from. Sometimes the low cost accommodation will put you in a quaint street where the fascinating Italian lifestyle is visible.

Around the Neapolitan Riviera you will find some great public transport which will greatly aid your travel. Buses, trams and a metro service make it easy for you to see all the southern region has to offer. Taxis are another alternative for quick and direct journeys.

Neapolitan Riviera – Sightseeing & Activities

You will have plenty of beaches to choose from on Neapolitan Riviera holidays, which is sure to delight many tourists. Head along the Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast or along the cliffs which line the coast of Italy to enjoy the picturesque views out over the Mediterranean Sea. Make your way to the busy beach or enjoy some solitude at one of the many coves on Neapolitan Riviera holidays. Some people prefer lively water sports to fill their days up of excitement. If this sounds like you then you will be able to choose from jet skiing, scuba diving and paragliding.

Simply wandering through the city of Naples and the quaint town of Amalfi can provide you with great enjoyment as you discover various cultural gems. Some things you should certainly keep an eye out for include Mount Vesuvius. The volcano is now inactive, though remains the only volcano in Europe to have erupted in the last hundred years. Another popular tourist attraction on Neapolitan Riviera holidays is the ancient city of Pompeii, protected ruins from the Roman Empire. The spectacular scenery and landscape around the Neapolitan Riviera is something that you should take the time to explore as you will be able to appreciate some great views of the whole region.

Shopping in Italy as a whole is a great experience as there are many quaint local shops as well as designer boutiques selling unique and elegant clothes. You will also find places selling great perfumes and beautiful jewellery on Neapolitan Riviera holidays.

Neapolitan Riviera – Cuisine & Nightlife

Italian cuisine is probably the world’s favourite and in many country’s it tends to be the neutral food that we all look for on menus. There is no better place to enjoy fine Italian cuisine than in Italy, and you will find that Neapolitan Riviera holidays provide you with plenty of exquisite options. On an evening many top restaurants offer a world class dining experience for you to enjoy. During the day many cafes will be the best option for a quick meal during the day, or one of the fast food options available in places like Naples.

The nightlife in some areas will be quiet, whilst in other areas it can be very lively. Small towns like Amalfi tend to be calm and peaceful on an evening, whereas Naples will offer bars and clubs with music and drinks on offer all night long. The evening can be a tranquil time to take walks around the streets as the day winds down. Hotels offer some entertainment on selected nights, though many people will be able to find the right activity to suit them.

Neapolitan Riviera – Weather & Climate

The weather in southern Italy during summer is terrific and provides tourists with the ideal time to visit. Neapolitan Riviera holidays are at their most appealing during the summer as the landscape is a lush green and the beaches are sparkling under cloudless skies. July and August is considered the height of summer, and during which time you can enjoy temperatures reaching as high as 30°C during the day.

Autumn sees the weather decline, but you will still see some long days of sunshine as well as temperatures around 20°C. Winter is when things become a little chillier and snow can be seen on tops of Mount Vesuvius. Days can be chilly but nothing like what you will experience during winters back in the UK. Spring will see temperatures rise up gradually with summer only around the corner once more.

Where is Neapolitan Riviera?

Take a look at this map of Neapolitan Riviera before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Neapolitan Riviera
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