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Palermo Holidays

Enjoy Summer on the Italian Coast

Aerial view of Palermo (Cefalu cathedral, Sicily island)

Palermo – Capital of Italian Island, Sicily

Enjoy summer breaks along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea this year and find yourself in a bustling capital that offers more than just a place to enjoy the sun. Sure the beach is there in all its glory but in the city you will find plenty of attractions and activities that will fascinate all tourists. Palermo holidays are ideal for couples to explore and families to relax over the summer period.

Your transfer from Palermo-Boccadifalco Airport will be short and sweet, which allows you to begin your holiday as soon as you land.

All important accommodation is first rate on Palermo holidays which will delight all tourists coming to the Sicilian capital. If you are looking to enjoy a low cost stay on the island you will find some budget hotels, Palermo showing it caters for all. There are plenty of reasonably priced hotels to choose from which offer style and elegance during Palermo holidays. If you want to add luxury during your stay, then select from one of the 5 star hotels that offer spas, swimming pools and a high level of service and amenities during your stay.

There is a train line that runs through Palermo which allows you to reach other areas of the island quickly. Buses and taxis are your best option to move swiftly through the city allowing you to see as much as possible during a Palermo holiday.

Palermo – Sightseeing & Activities

Holidays in Palermo offer tourists a beach to soak up terrific summer weather, but it’s not the best option on the island. If you are looking to enjoy the best of beach life then it is recommended you pay a visit to an area just north of Palermo called Mondello. At Mondello beach you will find lively water sports are on offer as well as the opportunity to soak up the sun. Try out water skiing, scuba diving and paragliding during you time on the coast.

The sublime architecture and historic significance in the city is something that you should savour experiencing. Prepare to see some real Italian beauty. Know that various empires came through Sicily, including the Romans and the Byzantines. As a result the mixture of culture and structures that remain are fantastic attractions during a Palermo holiday. The Monreale Cathedral has a great mosaic worth visiting. At Quattro Canti you there is remnants of Byzantine occupation. Catacombe dei Cappuccini offers a tour of the resting place of over 8000 former Palermo residents, comes with a parental warning. The Zisa and the Cuba are royal palaces from times of Norman occupation. For a more tranquil experience on Palermo holidays you can pay a couple of Euros and visit San Giovanni degli Eremiti which is a beautiful garden surrounding church ruins.

Shopping on holidays in Italy tends to be one of the highlights and you can expect there to be plenty of opportunities whilst in Palermo. You will find some stylish boutiques selling fine clothes and jewellery and you will also come across places selling well known brands. Locally produced food goods including wine, sauces and marmalade are great to pick up if you are enjoying your stay on a self catering basis. Whatever you decide to go shopping for you certainly won’t be disappointed on holidays in Palermo.

Palermo – Cuisine & Nightlife

The food in Italy is internationally renowned and you can expect to enjoy some of the finest the nation has to offer during Palermo holidays. There is no better place to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine than in the country of its origin. No matter where you choose to sit down and enjoy a meal you will be fully satisfied. There are options of some elegant restaurants to enjoy a fine evening. There are plenty of cafes and bistros that offer light bites for tourists on the move and exploring during the day.

The nightlife is certainly interesting as you can explore various bars which allow you to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with culture and charm. Try tasty local wines, they are a true delight. Nightclubs are an option if you are looking to enjoy a late night. Over in the Teatro Massimo and the Teatro Politeama you will find various live performances including ballet and opera on offer. This is certainly a way to experience the Italian culture whilst on Palermo holidays.

Palermo – Weather & Climate

The weather is terrific during summer, which is easily the most popular time to visit the island. However, the nature of Palermo and what attractions it has means that anytime of the year is great for experiencing the city. During summer you can enjoy some great weather with the peak months of July and August bringing in temperatures as high as 30°C. Palermo holidays during this time allow you to enjoy days with endless sunshine.

The autumn season still has good temperatures, though the nights can become a bit chilly. Moving into winter things become colder still. The weather during the coldest time of the year isn’t half as bad as it can be back in the UK, but warmer clothes are advised. As we come out of winter the spring season will shed some light as the temperatures begin to pick up once again. Spring in Palermo can be a great experience as nature begins to bloom.

Where is Palermo?

Take a look at this map of Palermo before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Palermo
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