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Tokyo Holidays

Experience Tokyo holidays, Japan’s most vibrant city

Tokyo skyline at night in modern Tsukishima district

Tokyo - Exciting holidays in the capital city of Japan

Holidays in Tokyo are destined to be truly memorable with thousands of unique attractions to enjoy during your stay. Tokyo is one of the world’s most exciting destinations with hundreds of high quality restaurants, vibrant nightspots and shops that stays open throughout the night. Along with the modern, contemporary aspects of the city, Tokyo holidays are also perfect for those looking to explore the ancient sites of this stunning destination. Holidays to Tokyo are recommended for those looking to experience an unforgettable city break in a busy metropolis combined with fascinating Oriental traditions. Shoppers will be in their element as will young travellers hoping to immerse themselves in the unique Tokyo culture. The city is home to one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world, ensuring that visitors to the city can get around easily. With over 12 million people living in Tokyo the city is very fast paced however it is also one of the world’s safest destinations with a low crime rate. There is not specific centre to the city; instead Tokyo is made up of several districts grouped together. Set aside from the busy streets are the more traditional back streets where tourists can get a taste for ancient Japanese culture. Accommodation in the city is especially varied with something to suit all tastes and budgets. Tokyo hotels range from lavish luxury to practical accommodation solutions such as the famous ‘pod hotels’. Those looking from something more traditional can take their pick from a wide range of 2-5* hotels that offer everything from self catered to all inclusive Tokyo holidays.

Tokyo is a city that never sleeps and a fantastic place to choose to spend your next break. With so much to see and do there really is something for all holiday tastes! There are great value deals on Tokyo holidays available right now, make sure you do not miss out on this unique Oriental experience.

Tokyo Holidays - Sightseeing and Attractions

Tokyo holidays are absolutely perfect for sightseers; with so much to see and do you are guaranteed to never be bored! Although the transport system is a great way to get around, the best way to explore the city is on foot to ensure that you get to see everything that is on offer. There are huge animated billboards, spectacular architecture and side streets offering small temples and markets to discover during your holiday in Tokyo. The city also boasts a fantastic selection of museums and galleries and is home to the world’s largest collection of Japanese art. One of the most popular sightseeing spots is the famous Imperial Palace, which many believe to be the heart of this vibrant city. The palace is still the home of the Emperor of Japan who makes public appearances from the balcony of this spectacular ancient castle. Those looking to learn more about the history of Japan will appreciate taking a trip to the Yasukuni Shine, situated just north of the Imperial Palace this monument was built to commemorate the deaths of Japanese soldiers who died in conflict. Holidays to Tokyo would not be the same without a trip to the majestic Mount Fuji, a dormant volcano that has been revered since ancient times. Nature lovers will also appreciate taking a trip to one of the many stunning gardens in the city including the Inokashira Park, a vast expanse of greenery which is also home to a temple, a petting zoo and even an aquarium. Taking in the mix of cultures in this bustling city is an attraction in itself! Many tourists opt to stroll through Takeshita Street to take in the modern Japanese youth culture including the brightly coloured Harijuku girls. The shopping districts themselves are also a fantastic experience with countless shops decorated with neon signs. Those looking to really immerse themselves in the culture during a Tokyo holiday can take advantage of one of the many classes available in traditional Japanese arts and sports.

Tokyo - Nightlife and Cuisine

Tokyo holidays are ideal for diners with plenty of diverse restaurants to choose from during your stay. Collectively the city has most Michelin stars that Paris and offers visitors an amazing array of high quality eateries offering only the best Japanese cuisine. One of the most popular dining options in the city is sushi; with thousands of variations of dishes to choose from it is no surprise that so many tourists opt for a sushi meal during their holiday. Tokyo offers plenty of sushi restaurants along with takeout options for those looking for a quick bite which exploring the city. Those looking for more familiar tastes will be able to head to one of the many international restaurants in Tokyo that offer cuisines from around the world. The nightlife in the city is legendary with everything from authentic Geisha bars to modern nightclubs available for visitors to experience. A Tokyo holiday would not be the same without sampling some of the evening entertainment with something for all tastes. Drinking on the streets is legal in Japan so watch out for the vending machines that stock alcoholic beverages! There are plenty of Western bars in the city that offer live music and dancing until the early hours, however these bars do tend to be more expensive that the local venues. Those looking for something different can take in the culture in one of the many theatres around the city.

Tokyo - Weather and Climate

Holidays in Tokyo can be taken at any time throughout the year as there are always things to see and do during your stay. One thing that does change quite considerably is the climate with four very distinct seasons. The most popular time to enjoy holidays to Tokyo is during spring and autumn when the temperatures are less extreme. Summer tends to be very hot with temperatures regularly reaching the high thirties. Rainfall is also common during the summer months therefore it is advised to pack an umbrella! The winter temperatures drop significantly, often reaching the minus temperatures. Christmas holidays in Tokyo are very popular especially for shoppers however visitors are warned to pack warm clothing.

Where is Tokyo?

Take a look at this map of Tokyo before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Tokyo
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