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Kenya Holidays

Stunning Coast and Inland Beauty

Elephant in Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Kenya – East Coast of Africa

The overall opinion of Africa as a tourist destination has improved massively over the last decade and holidays to Kenya are a great example of this improvement. Tourists come to enjoy Kenya safaris holidays in the fascinating natural reserves and to relax on the beautiful beaches along the coast offering views out onto the Indian Ocean. There is so much to experience in Kenya for adventurous tourists and the modern holidaymaker.

With flights to Kenya you are most likely to be headed to one of the popular resorts along the coast or the large destinations inland, including the countries capital Nairobi. Most airports are closely located so you can expect transfers to be short and swift.

So long as you are staying in the main tourist parts of Kenya you will find good variety of top accommodation as well as reasonably priced and safe options. Staying along the coast in places like Mombasa, or inland at Nairobi, you will have the option of 5 star hotels which offer tourists luxurious accommodation with top services and facilities. The Kenya beach hotels provide tourists with terrific views in the morning. There are various cheaper options when it comes to hotels and you will find hostels are another option. Campsites are another way that you can enjoy a stay in Kenya. Do note that low cost accommodation does come with a variety of safety and health risks.

Rental cars and jeeps are the most popular form of transport for tourists during holidays to Kenya. Buses are regular as are the ‘Matatu’ which are privately hired buses. Trains run through Nairobi and Mombasa on their way to Uganda which is useful if you are looking to do plenty of travelling during your trip.

Kenya – Sightseeing & Activities

There are a number of great resorts that have been tailor made for tourists to enjoy a fantastic holiday by the beach in Kenya. The east coast has various destinations including the popular option of Mombasa. The fantastic weather on Kenya holidays makes the beach the perfect place to relax and with an endless supply of sun loungers and water sports you can play in the exotic Indian Ocean. Diana Beach in Ukunda and the resort of Malindi are two other excellent examples of the options available along the coast.

The Kenya wildlife is a very important aspect to why so many people favour holidays to the African nation. There are many wildlife reserves throughout the country which offer people the chance to go on safaris. Nairobi National Park and Hell’s Gate National Park are two popular examples. Excursions to Mount Kenya allow you to enjoy just a small part of the stunning landscape of the country. As a growing holiday destination you will find that Kenya offers great activities too, one of which been golf. There are plenty of 18 hole golf courses close to popular resorts along the coast which are open to tourists.

You will be able to purchase various great souvenirs of your journey. Many shops will sell handmade crafts that are perfect mementoes of your experience. The Massai Market is one place where you will find a variety of souvenirs.

Kenya – Cuisine & Nightlife

Most hotels and restaurants in the popular resorts offer a varied menu with popular international cuisine for tourists to enjoy. Popular Italian dishes are one example of the food that you will easily find. However, you will be wrong to assume the African cuisine is something that can be missed. In Nairobi particularly you will find that there are some magnificent restaurants where you can enjoy a great meal in Kenya trying out various national delicacies.

Hotels tend to offer the best options when it comes to enjoying the evenings on Kenya holidays. Most places will have various live performances on selected nights throughout the year with bars that are open all night long. Some places will have clubs where tourists can enjoy a late night dancing. It should be noted that if you are heading out of your accommodation complex at n night then you should keep aware and keep safe.

Kenya – Weather & Climate

The weather during holidays to Kenya is terrific no matter what time of the year you choice to visit. The seasons in Kenya are not the same as in the UK and the hottest months of the year are February and March. Travelling this time of year would be great as the crowds won’t be as big, but the heat may a little too much for some as the temperatures is regularly over 30°C. Other months to consider for good weather when it isn’t too hot are October to December.

June and August are months when the most rain throughout the whole year occurs in Kenya. There isn’t a cold season on the east coast of Africa which allows you to visit at anytime and although June and August can be wet, it does offer relief from the sun.

Where is Kenya?

Take a look at this map of Kenya before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Kenya
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