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Holidays in Latvia

A Stunning Baltic Haven

General view on Riga embarkment, Latvia

Latvia - A Fascinating Country in the Baltic Sea

Latvia is a spectacular European state surrounded by the Baltic Sea. As one of the three Baltic States, Latvia holidays promise a diverse and exciting experience with something to suit all tastes and budgets. From World Heritage Sites to traditional Latvia culture, there is so much to see and do during a stay in this stunning country. Cities such as Riga, Cesis and Daugavpils are all popular tourist spots and all offer their own unique holiday experiences. Latvia’s main airport is Riga International, situated in the centre of the city, from here transfer to other major resorts take around 1 to 2 hours therefore there is plenty of time to become familiar with the natural surroundings.

Latvia hotels are varied with a range of comfortable places to stay during your break. Although 5* hotels are hard to find there are plenty of fantastic 3 and 4* accommodation that offer stylish facilities and range of modern amenities. Camp sites are popular with visitors to the country especially those wishing to discover more about the diverse landscape. Budget youth hostels are also common and ideal for younger travellers looking for a cheap Latvia holiday.

There are many great Latvia deals available for travellers to take advantage of, if you are looking for a unique destination for your next break Latvia is the ideal destination.

Latvia - Sightseeing and Activities

Latvia is famous for its spectacular natural scenery; from the bustling cities to the snow capped mountains the landscape is as diverse as the Latvian culture. One of the best times to visit the country is during the winter to sample the many winter sports. Snowboarding and skiing are both popular activities to enjoy, ideal for an action packed break. Throughout the winter months there are also several festivals that take place including the International Ice Sculpture Festival and the International Festival of Cartoons. Another fantastic time to enjoy Latvia breaks is during the spring when the snow is beginning to melt and the rivers are ideal for enjoying kayaking and rafting. The traditional Easter celebrations take place during the spring, a fantastic way to have fun and learn more about Latvian culture. In April the country welcomes the International Baltic Ballet Festival, a fantastic event that spans over three days. The most popular time to enjoy Latvia holidays is during the summer, the temperatures are at their hottest and there are plenty of sightseeing and festivals to enjoy during the season. Some of the most popular events during the summer include the Country Music Festival and ‘Jani’, an ancient midsummer festival that is celebrated throughout the Baltic States.

Shopping in Latvia is ideal for anyone looking to pick up some authentic local produce; the most popular items for tourists to purchase include silver jewellery, traditional chocolate and amber. Markets are popular with tourists during holidays to Latvia however for those looking for more modern shopping facilities there are plenty of shopping malls to explore.

Latvia - Nightlife and Cuisine

One of the best things about enjoying a holiday in Latvia is the fantastic food that you can sample. From the freshly baked breads to the many dairy products, Latvian cuisine is very distinct and comes highly recommended. Some of the staple ingredients on any authentic Latvian menu include smoked meats, cheeses, hearty stews and soups. There are many traditional restaurants located around the country with plenty of options for tourists in each of the major cities. For more familiar tastes there are many international restaurants serving cuisines from around the world, whether you wish to enjoy an Italian or grab some fast food, there is something for everyone.

If you are looking to enjoy the nightlife during a Latvia break, there are many bars and nightclubs for you to choose from. The most popular alcoholic drink is beer and there are plenty of unique Latvian varieties including a special ‘live beer’ that can be found within selection venues. Some of the best city venues include the Raganas Kekis, the Rossini and the Krodzins ‘Riva’, whatever your budget there is something to suit all pockets.

Latvia - Weather and Climate

Although the climate may not be ideal for those looking for a beach break in the sun, a Latvia break offers a mild climate that is perfect for sightseeing and exploring. The proximity of the Baltic Sea can often bring cold fronts across the country especially in the winter however during the spring and summer, the temperatures stay mild. Throughout the year there is a chance of rainfall especially during July, the showers can often last for a long time so it is advised to back a waterproof. During the winter Latvia is dominated by severe cold spells, as the country is close to Russia there are cold winds and often heavy snowfall.

The most popular time to enjoy a Latvia holiday is from June to mid September when the majority of tourist attractions are in full swing and the temperatures are at their highest. The coldest months are January and February, however the winter activities in Latvia ensure that there is more than enough to keep your mind off the cold.

Where is Latvia?

Take a look at this map of Latvia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Latvia
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