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Luxembourg Holidays

Enjoy the Riches of Luxembourg

The beautiful medieval castle in Vianden, a small village in Luxembourg

Luxembourg – Landlocked Nation in Western Europe

The nation is also known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, being the only Grand Duchy in the world. This small nation has only three districts but is rated as the third richest nation in the world per capita. Many tourists tend to favour the likes of next door neighbours France, but Luxembourg holidays have plenty of history and modern attractions that makes the nation a credit to Europe as a unique cultural delight.

Most flights to Luxembourg will land at Luxembourg-Findel International Airport, which is located just outside the countries capital city, Luxembourg City.

There are plenty of hotels in Luxembourg that offer first class accommodation for tourists to enjoy, most of which is located within the countries capital. Much of the luxury Luxembourg hotels will have high prices for rooms, but there are much more affordable options available to choose from too. Luxury accommodation will offer you sublime services and facilities, but you can be assured that other hotels in the region have all the typical amenities that modern tourists have come to expect. Hostels are another option and they are many in their numbers around Luxembourg.

There is a regularly running bus service and regional train line which makes it very easy to get around. Taxis are another good option and people even prefer to hire cars and bikes during Luxembourg holidays.

Sightseeing & Activities

This landlocked country has plenty within its borders which will fascinate many, as much of Europe’s history has passed through the land at one point or another. Explore the old town and admire the classic architecture which still stands to this very day. Make you way down to lower Luxembourg City and visit the old fort which is now submerged into the cliffs and natural scenery which has created a beautiful effect. If you would rather get an up close and personal look of what the capital has to offer then consider visiting the Luxembourg Cathedral Notre-Dame.

The Ardennes region is where you can enjoy the natural scenery of the country throughout its rolling hills and glorious woodlands. This region is packed with quaint villages and medieval castles as well as been the setting for the famous Battle of the Bulge which tragically occurred during World War II. Luxembourg holidays certainly show their ability to appeal to the keen historians and those who enjoy their time away with plenty of discovery.

To discover what life in Luxembourg is all about in today’s world you should visit various art galleries and villages to appreciate the nation’s culture. The production of beers, ales and wines is something that is part of the modern culture in Luxembourg. You will only regret not visiting one of the breweries or vineyards during your holiday.

Another area of Luxembourg holidays that you will find very entertaining is the shopping facilities. Jewellery and ornaments are two items that are in great supply as well as high demand. However, you will find such products are exquisite in their appearance as they are in price. Shopping in general provides you with plenty of international brands in the major cities and many locally produced goods out in the villages. Either way you could wind up bringing back and extra case!

Cuisine & Nightlife

If you have saved money on flights to Luxembourg then you might want to spend it on some of the divine cuisine available throughout the country. It must be noted that by staying in one of the luxury hotels in Luxembourg you will have access to some fine meals, some better than you will find elsewhere. That said it would a shame to not venture out and enjoy an evening or afternoon meal in one of the many restaurants found in the cities and popular regions. Cafes are a great place to enjoy light meals, as are various fast food restaurants.

The locally produced wines and beers will be on tap in most areas throughout the country, so during a night in one of fine bars or pubs you will find your chance to enjoy some. The big cities will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a late night dancing in one of the lively clubs. The theatre is one area which is very rich in Luxembourg and you can enjoy ballet, opera and musical concerts on an evening.

Weather & Climate

The weather in Luxembourg is fairly similar to the UK. Over summer you can experience the best of the year’s weather, between May and September you can enjoy long period of sunshine which is ideal for long days of exploring. July and August are the hottest summer months when the temperatures will be well over 20°C during the day.

Autumn can be chilly, but the days still remain fairly warm. Spring is very much the same, although the temperatures will be climbing higher each day rather than decreasing. Winter will be wet and cold, there will even be snow at some points. December and January are when temperatures are at their lowest and you may prefer to avoid visiting during those months, though people do still travel despite the conditions.

Where is Luxembourg?

Take a look at this map of Luxembourg before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Luxembourg
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