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Mauritius Holidays

Enjoy Island Life this Year

Idyllic tropical beach in the paradise island of Mauritius

Mauritius – A Small Island in the Indian Ocean

For a long time holidays in Mauritius have been seen as one of the most exotic options for an island getaway the world has to offer. Blue Lagoons, pale white beaches and endless sunshine is just an average day on the small island located out in the Indian Ocean. While families can come here to relax, it’s mainly couples and honeymooners who enjoy the experience on the luxurious holiday island.

You can expect your flights to Mauritius to land at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport and transfers will vary depending on where you are staying. As the island is fairly small you will find that transfers won’t be longer than an hour in the worst case scenario.

If you are looking for a hotel in Mauritius then you will certainly be spoilt for choice. Much of the accommodation available is highly rated and therefore highly priced, but one thing you can expect from the luxury hotels available is top class services and facilities that are accessible for the duration of your stay. The island isn’t all 5 stars, which means you will also find some much more reasonably priced accommodation. Throughout all the hotels and rooms available you can stay on self catering, half board or all inclusive Mauritius holidays.

Buses and taxis are probably the most accessible options for those looking to travel the island, or better still hire a car. There is a boat service which can help with exploring the coast. The most extravagant form of transport is by helicopter, for those who want to travel in style during Mauritius holidays.

Sightseeing & Activities

Giant tortoise at a zoo in Mauritius

Throughout the island there are various regions which are worth considering, but many of us know that when it comes to an island like Mauritius the first thing we look for is the beaches. There are various popular parts of the coastline where you can either soak up the endless hours of sun or enjoy water sports all day long. Consider areas like the Grand Bay, Pereybere and Blue Bay. Each of these areas also allows you to scuba dive into the shores of the Indian Ocean where you can swim amongst the various fascinating marine life that inhabits it.

Back on land you will have plenty of opportunities to visit wildlife too. Places like the Yemen Reserve, Casela and La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes are where you can visit a large variety of the world’s most fascinating mammals, reptiles and birds. Special walks and jeep safaris allow you to get close to some glorious animals including Lions, Turtles and various other magnificent creatures.

The true nature of the island is another part of what holidaymakers want to experience during their holidays in Mauritius. Note places like Rodrigues Island, Tamarind Waterfalls and the Black River Gorges, each embody the picturesque scenery that blesses the whole of island.

There is a whole host of excursions which you can enjoy that will more than fill your days, however, everybody likes a quick shopping spree. You will find many markets and stalls throughout the various resorts across the island which allows you to pick up great bargains on a variety of souvenirs and handmade crafts.

Cuisine & Nightlife

Couple having breakfast in Mauritius

As a result of the various cultures which have passed through Mauritius the current cuisine is a combination of flavours that will delight the senses. In most restaurants you can expect to enjoy meals which are a fusion of Chinese, Indian, French and African cuisines. If that still doesn’t appeal to your taste then you will find various other options including the universal appeal of Italian cuisine. Mauritius is known for its deserts and sweets whether it’s after a meal or just a snack. Combine fresh fruits and the various cakes on offer and you will never be short of a treat during Mauritius holidays.

Rum is probably the most popular drink on the island and there many locally made products available in Mauritius. Visit the Medine Estate Refinary shop to purchase various drinks made on the island, or better still try them out in one of the bars located in various resorts on an evening. Hotels are where you will find much of the nightlife on the island as there will be shows and entertainment provided on selected evenings. Clubs can be found in some of the popular areas of Mauritius.

Weather & Climate

Beautiful tropical beach in luxury resort in Mauritius

Having a tropical climate many people will know what to expect from the weather in Mauritius. The weather throughout the year tends to be very warm and the summer season comes during the UK’s winter. Between November and March the temperatures will regularly be over 20°C, but despite this great climate there are anti-cyclones that occur. There are more than 10 hours of sunshine each day which makes the beach an even more desirable place to be.

From May to September the temperatures drop but there is still an average of around 20°C during the days. During this time period cyclones are more of a danger however. The tropical climate means you should expect these types of natural disruptions, but clear warnings of such storms are quickly alerted and are rarely too extreme. The best weather comes over the change of year, but the general climate means anytime is a good time to visit.

Where is Mauritius?

Take a look at this map of Mauritius before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Mauritius
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