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Holidays in Mexico

Experience one of the World’s Most Spectacular Destinations

Watching the sun rise from the pool on holiday in Mexico

Mexico - A Diverse Country with Something for All

"Budget travellers will appreciate the variety of hostels and B&Bs around the tourist resorts.."

Mexico is a stunning country which shares a border with the USA in the North and Belize in the South East. As a large country it offers a range of holiday experiences with something to suit all tastes. Families, couples and travellers of all ages arrive in the country each year to enjoy holidays in Mexico. The landscape is extremely diverse with mountains, deserts, cosmopolitan cities and beaches to explore during your stay. There are plenty of sightseeing spots to discover including ruins of ancient cultures and stunning architecture, those looking for a fun-filled break will definitely be in their element during a Mexico holiday.

The accommodation in Mexico is varied, with something to suit all holiday budgets. Those looking for a luxury break will be able to take their pick of the many 5* Mexico hotels and spa resorts around the country. Budget travellers will appreciate the variety of hostels and B&Bs around the tourist resorts. Many of the larger hotels are situated close to the beaches, ensuring that you never have to travel far to relax on the golden sands. There are plenty of fantastic resorts to choose from when booking holidays to Mexico including the popular resort Cancun and the Riviera Maya, one of the best beach resorts in the country. Whether you intend on spending your time on the beaches or prefer to stroll around one of the many colonial towns, Mexico is definitely one of the most exciting resorts in the world.

With many fantastic cheap Mexico holiday deals available, it is a great time to experience just what this year round resort has to offer. If you are looking for a holiday full of sunshine, sightseeing and shopping, Mexico is definitely the place to be.

Mexico - Sightseeing and Activities

Tourist attractions Chichen Itza, Tzompantli the Wall of Skulls and Kukulkan pyramid in Mexico
"The Chichen Itza ruins offer an insight into the culture and history of the Mayan people.."

Mexico has plenty of fantastic beaches that are covered in fine golden sand, ideal for those looking to relax and sunbathe during their holidays in Mexico. Water sports are a popular choice for those hoping to experience the thrills of jet skiing, wind surfing or even paragliding during their Mexico holiday. For something less energetic there are plenty of boat trips that take visitors around the picturesque coastline, scuba diving is another popular activity with crystal clear waters that are home to thousands of fish and other marine life. Nature lovers will appreciate taking a boat out to sea to enjoy dolphin and whale-spotting.

There are hundreds of sightseeing tours to enjoy during a holiday in Mexico, including trips to explore important relics from Mexico’s colourful past. One of the most recognisable sites in Mexico is the Mayan pyramids in Uxmal that date back to the late seventh century. The view from the top of the pyramids is simply astounding, however it is not recommended for those with a fear of heights, as there is a very steep climb to the summit. The Chichen Itza ruins are another popular sightseeing spot that offer an insight into the culture and history of the Mayan people. No holiday in Mexico would be complete without a trip to the town of Chihuahua in the north of the country; here visitors can hop on board a train that will taken them through the famous Copper Canyon and towards some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Wherever you choose to stay during your Mexico holiday, you are guaranteed to find some remnants of the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec cultures.

Active travellers will be in their element with plenty of sports and leisure activities available throughout the resorts. Volcano trekking is one of the most popular activities and includes hikes through some of Mexico’s untouched jungle landscapes. Horseback riding is another great way to explore your surroundings along with hiring a bicycle to enjoy the many cycle routes around Mexico.

Shoppers will appreciate the amount of great shopping facilities in Mexico with everything from large department’s stores to local markets available to explore. Local craft markets are great places to pick up souvenirs during your holiday to Mexico with silver jewellery and leather goods being especially popular. If you choose to explore one of the many markets be prepared to haggle for your goods. The shopkeepers will expect it and it is a fantastic way to get a great bargain during your Mexico holiday.

Mexico - Nightlife and Cuisine

Mexican food including nachos, peppers and chilli sauces
"For the adventurous, grasshopper or escamoles (ant lava) dishes can be found in some of the more traditional restaurants.."

Mexican cuisine is a reason in itself to book a holiday to this fantastic country! There's a vast choice of restaurants and eateries situated in each of the major tourist resorts, ideal for those looking to sample a wide range of cuisines during their holiday to Mexico. Obviously it is recommended to visit one of the authentic Mexican restaurants and try some of the local dishes and delicacies. Tacos and tortillas are great snacks and are usually filled with vegetables, chicken, fish and spices. For the more adventurous, why not try one of the insect-based dishes that Mexico is famous for? Grasshopper or escamoles (ant lava) dishes can be found in some of the more traditional restaurants. Those with a sweet tooth should try some of the tropical fruit during their stay, the traditional Mexican way to serve fruit is for it to be topped with cucumber and lime and sprinkled with chilli powder.

The nightlife in Mexico varies depending on which resort you choose to stay in. Those looking to really let their hair down and join the party will love the atmosphere in resorts such as Cancun and Acapulco which is also known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. Here visitors will find plenty of bars and clubs that stay open until day break. There are quieter resorts around Mexico that are more family orientated, here you can enjoy a drink in one of the waterfront bars or enjoy a traditional dancing show.

Mexico - Weather and Climate

Mexico sign on the beach of Caribbean Sea
"You can still enjoy hot sunshine during the winter months, making Mexico one of the most attractive long haul destinations.."

Mexico holidays are ideal for sun seekers as it is a year round resort. Although the hottest temperatures are from June to September, you can still enjoy hot sunshine during the winter months, making Mexico one of the most attractive long haul destinations in the world. Temperatures tend to stay in the high thirties with around 12 hours of sunshine per day during the summer season. Visitors are advised to note that the summer is also hurricane season and there is a chance that strong winds will hit the country.

The winter months offer around 8 hours of sunshine per day and temperatures in the high twenties. Due to the nature of the country, the higher up your resort the more chance there is of rainfall, especially in the North. In contrast the south of the country tends to be the hottest, with high humidity. It is advised to pack some warm clothing when enjoying a holiday in Mexico as the evenings are often fairly chilly.

Where is Mexico?

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Map of Mexico

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