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Cancun Holidays

Holidays on the Mexican Coast

Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

Cancun – West Coast of Mexico

Cancun is a fantastic city based along the west coast of Mexico, and its shores on the Caribbean Sea offer up beautiful white beaches and turquoise waters. The tranquil coast and bustling city makes Cancun the ideal holiday destination for all to enjoy, as so much is on offer.

Landing in Cancun International Airport you can expect your transfer to your accommodation to be fairly swift taking no longer than an hour. The fantastic scenery along the coast and inland is simply fantastic to witness up close and personal, something which your transfer allows you to appreciate.

The accommodation on Cancun holidays is vast and varied allowing all walks of life to be able to enjoy a break in the Caribbean. Choose from the many luxury Cancun hotels and enjoy your stay blessed with sumptuous splendour. Villas are readily available for tourists to choose from where you can relax in your own privacy. Holidays in Cancun also offer up plenty of apartments where low budget travellers and get great value.

The public bus service is regular and constant so that you are easily able to travel around Cancun and the surrounding areas. Taxis are also available though it is good advice to agree a fee before travel.

Cancun – Sightseeing & Activities

There are many beautiful beaches up and down the coast near Cancun and why settle for just one when you can explore the beauty of them all, this way you can find your favourite. At each of the beaches you will be amazed by the white sands and crystal clear waters. Each beach is controlled by a flag system which alerts you when it’s safe to swim and when it isn’t. Water sports are always available to enjoy is you get bored of just laying back and working on your tan. Glass bottomed boats offer tours into the Caribbean Sea to swim through the coral and explore the exotic marine life that lives there. Families on Cancun holidays will certainly appreciate taking their children out on a cruise which will show you where dolphins play, and they always enjoy the attention.

If you manage to pry yourself away from the beach for a moment on Cancun holidays you will find plenty to do also. If you still want to relax in the great weather then why not try a few holes of golf, an experience which is intensified by the natural beauty Cancun has. Ancient ruins are popular most of which are related to ancient Mayan civilisations.

You will find souvenirs aplenty around the city as well as many good shops selling designer clothes and jewellery. Shopping can certainly be a fun experience whilst in Cancun.

Cancun – Cuisine & Nightlife

Much of the cuisine you will try is simply magnificent especially if you enjoy submerging yourself in local culture and trying many of the tasty and unique traditional Mexican dishes. You will be able to try a variety of different cuisines during Cancun holidays including, of course, Mexican, Caribbean as well as various European and Asian favourites. During the day there are many cafes and fast food options too. Many of the fantastic Cancun hotels offer a la carte menus for guests to enjoy.

You will be able to enjoy a varied nightlife from resort to resort around Cancun. There are areas which are fairly low key which would be ideal for families heading away on Cancun holidays. Other areas contain a plethora of bars and clubs which stay open all night long. In such lively places you will find an endless supply of drinks and music that will mixes well with the friendly and jovial atmosphere.

Cancun - Weather & Climate

The weather in Cancun is typical of what you would expect both from sunny Mexico and the Caribbean. The summer time is by the warmest, but isn’t the most popular period to visit. Over summer you can expect the temperatures to average around 30°C but things are frequently going as high as 40°C during the day. With everlasting sunshine you certainly want to make extra space for sun tan lotion is you travel between June and August.

Winter offers a constant average of over 20°C which more often than not will be exceeded during the course of a day. Most people enjoy Cancun holidays over winter because the weather remains hot but it isn’t as unbearable for some people during summer. Winter tends to be dryer than summer though January experiences the most rain during the year.

Where is Cancun?

Take a look at this map of Cancun before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cancun
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