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Nepal Holidays

Explore the Beauty of Nepal

Boats in the twilight on Phewa lake, Pokhara, Nepal

Nepal – Landlocked Nation in South Asia

Although Nepal is a fairly small Asian nation there is plenty to do and much to see. Adventure seekers will enjoy the trekking through a stunning terrain which includes the option of scaling the world’s largest peak, Mount Everest. For others a holiday there can enlighten and intrigue as the ancient Buddhist culture remains very strong throughout.

You will find that the cheapest flights to Nepal, or indeed most flights, will land at Tribhuvan International Airport located in Kathmandu, the nation’s capital.

Accommodation in general is very cheap when you are looking to enjoy Nepal holidays, though you can still find plenty of luxury options. The large amount of backpackers travelling through Nepal and they tend to stay in one of the many hostels and low cost accommodation available. You will find that booking hotels will be one of the cheaper aspects to Neap holidays, but if you are aiming for some 5 star luxury you can find it in the cities like Kathmandu.

Buses are the most available option in terms of transport when you are looking to get around Nepal no matter where you are staying. Trams are available in Kathmandu. Hiring transport is an option and even buying bikes can be cheap.

Sightseeing & Activities

You will be able to see everything there is to see with various tours in Nepal which take you across the country and its mountainous landscape. Treks within the Annapurna, Everest and Langtang regions are where most of the tourist interest lies as you are able to scale many of the 10 highest peaks of the world even if the likes of Mount Everest is a touch too much. The Himalayas has some stunning picturesque views and your journey will provide you with some great memories of beautiful scenery which goes on for miles.

There are various trails and tours in Nepal which will lead you into various towns and villages that will open your eyes to a very quaint way of life. The landscape provides many activities and much entertainment as you will discover. You can go rafting or even mountain biking across the terrific scenery. Enjoy a safari through the Chitwan National Park, whilst there you can enjoy an elephant ride.

While the bigger cities in Nepal such as Katmandu and Pokhara you will have some shopping options and items on sale from internationally renowned brands, though most of what you will find will come in the shape of handmade crafts and souvenirs. Whilst enjoying Nepal holidays you are more likely to be interested in returning home with some meaningful mementoes rather than something you could buy over the internet.

Cuisine & Nightlife

Whether it is to your liking or not you should give the traditional Nepalese cuisine a try during your holiday. If you are a vegetarian then you will certainly enjoy national favourites such as Daal Bhaat Tarkaari which is a stew consisting of a variety of vegetables. If you don’t have the urge to extend your pallet then you will be able to choose from popular world cuisines from the likes of Mexico, Italy and nearby China in various restaurants in the cities. The top hotels available will allow you to enjoy a varied menu as they aim to appeal to all the tastes of its guests.

The nightlife in Nepal allows you to party long into the early hours or simply relax staring up at the star lit sky. If you are interested in experiencing an evening event then the best one to look out for is the Full Moon Trance Parties which occur. In Pokhara you will find various venues with raves and other festivities. Close to the Tibetan border you will find ‘The Last Resort’ which is a venue where some of the longest celebrations are held over the Full Moon period, similar to the one celebrated in Thailand.

Weather & Climate

The climate is generally quite warm though in various regions this can change dramatically. In areas such as Kathmandu you can enjoy summer highs of around 30°C which will last from May till October. The hottest month of the year tends to be May when the sun seems to shine all day long. Across the country the daytime enjoys really good weather, however, over night the temperatures will drop in the mountainous regions.

If you are visiting over the winter months the weather can remain warm in southern parts, but in the northern regions you will find freezing conditions. If you are looking to enjoy a trekking holiday through northern trails and the mountainous landscape then winter is probably not the best time to do so as the temperatures will drop to well further below -10°C. Monsoon season lasts between the months of June and September, the heavy rains can make adventure holidays dangerous and near impossible.

Where is Nepal?

Take a look at this map of Nepal before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Nepal
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