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Amsterdam Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Amsterdam

Relaxing canals and stunning architecture in Amsterdam

Amsterdam – Capital City of Holland

Amsterdam city is filled with classic European architecture along many of the streets around the town and by the canals while days offer plenty of history and culture the nights are equally entertaining and interesting. An Amsterdam holiday provides plenty of activities for all types of tourists, from families, couples and groups of singles who often come as part of a stag weekend. Short break Amsterdam deals are popular with tourists as they are able to cram in all that the city has to offer during the day including the various sights and sounds, then on a night take in all that it throws at you.

While plane is the quickest and easiest form of transport getting into Amsterdam city it isn’t particularly the most popular. If you do take the plane then you will be able to land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which has a direct train to Amsterdam Central where can easily reach your accommodation within the city. Getting to Amsterdam from the airport through the train station and over to your accommodation shouldn’t take long at all and you might manage it under an hour, less if things aren’t too busy. The most popular way of travel for most people is by ferry, so people go to Amsterdam to take advantage of the night spent at sea before docking at one of the world’s most exciting cities.

With over 400 registered places of accommodation in Amsterdam city you will have plenty to choose from. The options vary from luxurious hotels such as Marriot and Hilton to low cost budget Amsterdam apartments and hostels, most of which can be located in the Red Light District. No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for in an Amsterdam holiday you are sure to find the right one to suit your needs.

With plenty of taxis, buses, trams and trains found throughout Amsterdam you are more than able to make travel shift and efficient during your trip, though simply walking the streets of this magnificent city is how you will find much of its beauty.

Amsterdam – Fun & Activities

While Amsterdam is certainly one of the world’s fascinating and much visited cities it still manages to keep a laid back atmosphere for tourists to enjoy during the day, before lively evenings. One of the key reasons for Amsterdam travel for tourists is the various historical sites that the city has, such as visiting Anne Frank’s house which is the setting for one of the most notorious stories to come out of WWII. The historic centre of Amsterdam city is one of Europe’s largest and it is there where you can get a sense of times past, the attractive architecture adds to the overall charm of the city.

Get more out of Amsterdam from the various museums including the Van Gogh Museum which is of course dedicated to the famous post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. There you will be able to view the world’s largest collection of his paintings. There are many other museums worth visiting so to aid your Amsterdam travel you might want to consider purchasing a museum card which grants you access to hundreds of museums in the city. Madame Tussauds wax museum is a must visit also, though you may find that there are some big queues for entry during weekends.

Tours are very popular with tourists as it is easier to find certain attractions with a guide rather than getting yourself lost. Many operators provide tours throughout Amsterdam city visiting all the major sites. Another popular tour is the Heineken Experience which takes you into and around the brewery of the lager producing company.

You can’t describe Amsterdam travel without mentioning the famous Red Light District which can be found during the day but doesn’t truly come alive until the evening when the name starts to make sense.

Amsterdam – Food & Nightlife

The cuisine in Amsterdam city is very diverse though you will be able to find plenty of Asian cuisine on offer in particular. Zeedijk in Nieuwmarkt is the main area to try Asian dishes as most of the restaurants are found there, the area is often known as Chinatown as a result of the vast Asian restaurants in the area. You will be able to enjoy cuisine such as Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Surinamese. Fast food options are also widely available throughout the city. One of the more popular dishes with Dutch people is a mixture of French fries and mayonnaise known as Vlaamse Frites. There are plenty of pubs found around town that offer meals also and much of which will appeal to most tastes as the menus are generally very English orientated. If you are going self catering and are staying in Amsterdam apartments for example then you will be able to buy in food from one of the many supermarkets around town also.

The nightlife in Amsterdam city is perhaps the main reason why a lot of people choose to travel to the Dutch capital. Pubs are open most of the day and that is where many people spend a lot of their time until the evening comes around. On the evening there are plenty of classy bars as well as many more relaxing bars with live music and sometimes comedy acts also, all of which will be in English you will be happy to hear. Coffeshops are well documented where people are legally allowed to smoke/eat cannabis though it is for use only in specified smoking areas, generally the premises where it was bought. The Red Light District is the place where most tourist head to on their Amsterdam holiday on an evening to see the taboo side of what is Europe’s ‘sin city’. You will also find plenty of nightclubs around town which are open till as late as 3 am in some cases playing various popular forms of music including dance and R ‘n’ B.

Amsterdam – Weather Info

The weather isn’t an issue for people visiting Amsterdam city though many people do try to avoid the colder days during their travel if possible. The warmest months to visit are July and August as the summer weather brings the highest temperatures with the daily average around 22°C. Most people tend to travel during this time as warm days in the beer gardens is a very desirable way to spend days on an Amsterdam holiday.

Winter can see the temperatures drop to around -1°C with the coldest months in particular being January and February, during this time you should also expect to see plenty of rainfall. Spring in Amsterdam is very beautiful firstly because summer is closing in and the days become sunnier and longer, but also because it is the time that the Tulip fields travel.

Where is Amsterdam?

Take a look at this map of Amsterdam before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Amsterdam
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