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Holidays in New Zealand

A Breathtaking Holiday Destination

Road Sign Kiwi Crossing near active volcano of Mount Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

New Zealand - A Breathtaking Country with Something for All

New Zealand holidays offer something for all with breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches and plenty of exciting things to see and do. Families, couples and backpackers will all be able to find their perfect holiday experience in this stunning country. From rainforests to volcanic pools the country boasts a diverse natural landscape that is just waiting to be explored, whether you choose to stay on the mainland or head to one of the smaller islands each area offers something different. Those looking to spend their New Zealand holiday relaxing on a beach will appreciate the many fantastic stretches of golden sand. The most famous beach in New Zealand is over 90 miles long and covered in impressive sand dunes. Many people believe that the beach resembles an exotic desert landscape, with the hot sunshine and clear skies it is no surprise that many people opt to spend their time relaxing on the sand. Accommodation is especially varied with New Zealand hotels to suit all tastes and budgets, whether you choose to go all inclusive or opt for a self catered package you can find the perfect place to stay. Those looking for an action packed break will be in their element during a holiday to New Zealand, there are hundreds of fantastic sports and leisure facilities around the country to suit even the bravest thrill seeker.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a sun filled break or are looking forward to exploring one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, New Zealand holidays are the number one choice. With fantastic deals on a range of New Zealand packages, make sure you do not miss out on exploring this destination for yourself.

New Zealand - Sightseeing and Activities

New Zealand holidays offer something for all tastes with a varied selection of exciting sports and leisure activities in all of the main holiday resorts. One of the most popular holiday activities is bungee jumping, a thrilling activity and one that you are guaranteed to remember long after you return home. Some of the world’s greatest bungee jumping spots are situated in New Zealand including the fantastic Kawarau River Bride and the famous Skippers Bridge. Another exciting activity is paragliding, a great way to go sightseeing with a twist. Those looking to try their hand at paragliding can head to Queenstown where visitors can soar above some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Nature lovers will be in their element during a holiday in New Zealand, with plenty of nature tours and trails to enjoy during your stay. Boat trips to observe whales and dolphins are especially popular as are trips to the many impressive national parks. Hiking, diving and swimming are also popular New Zealand holiday activities, perfect for those enjoying family breaks in their stunning country. New Zealand also boasts a vast array of fantastic shopping facilities including several large shopping malls. There are plenty of entertainment facilities on offer including cinemas, theatres and outdoor sporting venues. Whatever you are looking for from your break you are guaranteed to find everything you need on a holiday to New Zealand.

New Zealand - Nightlife and Cuisine

New Zealand holidays are perfect for those looking to sample a wide range of delicious cuisines, as one of the world’s biggest producers of meat and dairy produce you are guaranteed to find a wide selection of dishes on offer. Lamb is a staple ingredient on any traditional New Zealand menu as is fresh fruit and vegetables. Visitors to the country can also find a variety of international restaurants and cafes, perfect for those looking to sample a variety of delicacies from all around the world. Whether you prefer a fine dining experience or are simply looking to pick up a quick bite to eat, there is something for all tastes and budgets. The nightlife in New Zealand is extremely diverse with hundreds of bars and nightclubs around the country. Those staying in the major cities will be able to take their pick from a wide variety of bars, cinemas, theatres and casinos, perfect for those looking to make their evenings just as exciting as their days during New Zealand holidays.

New Zealand - Weather and Climate

New Zealand is famous for its varied climate, with such a diverse landscape the temperatures will differ depending on where about you choose to stay. The warmest months in New Zealand are January and February when the temperatures tend to stay around 23°C. The mountainous areas are typically colder with the New Zealand Alps covered in a blanket of snow all year round. Ski lovers will be in their element during a holiday in New Zealand, with idyllic conditions for those looking to hit the slopes. During January and February those staying in the major New Zealand cities will enjoy around 12 hours sunshine per day, ideal for those looking to really make the most of the outdoor activities during a New Zealand holiday.

Where is New Zealand?

Take a look at this map of New Zealand before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of New Zealand
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