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Norway Holidays

Enjoy Norway’s Scenic Beauty

Aurora Borealis in Norway with reflection

Norway – Northern, Eastern and Western Most Scandinavian Nation

Those looking to visit Norway can look forward to a nation that is famed for its stunning landscape and breathtaking scenery. The Norway fjords are one such attraction to holidaymakers. But there are many cities which tourists can enjoy a fascinating tour into the nations intoxicating culture.

There are a few international airports across the country making flights to Norway very accessible and easy to come by. Flights to Norway are available throughout the year which makes it easy to enjoy a long holiday or a short break.

When looking at accommodation available during a holiday in Norway you will find that there are plenty of places offering rooms for all budgets. Depending on what type of holiday has persuaded you to visit Norway will determine what type of accommodation you will have. If you have come to ski, Norway has plenty of low cost lodges as well as family cabins where you can retire in comfortable surroundings after a day on the slopes. If you are heading into the city then the hotels in Norway will offer you 5 star luxury or very reasonably priced hostel accommodation to stay in.

Some places in Norway offer better local transport than others. Within the cities you will find that there is a train system which helps you get around, this is the case in the capital Oslo. In other areas buses and taxis are more available to tourists. Hire cars are a popular option.

Sightseeing & Activities

If you have come looking to ski, Norway has plenty of options for you. Areas like Hemsedal, Trysil and Hafjell offer some great resorts close to mountainous landscape which is ideal for skiing. Close to Oslo you will find a large winter park which is ideal for cross country skiers, this way you are able to enjoy the terrain as much as the stunning picturesque views available. If the winter season is too cold for you then consider Galdhopiggen and Folgefonna, these are two ski centres which are only open during summer.

Lillehammer is another area worth considering as it was the host of the 1994 Winter Olympics, but there is much more on offer there. Visit Maihaugen, which is the Norway’s largest open air museum. Why not enjoy some of the history of the nation when you enter the Garmo stave church, a building which has been standing for 860 years. The town Lillehammer itself is a great example of the true culture and life of Norway.

City life is just as attractive to holidaymakers and with a break to the likes of Oslo, Bergen and Tromso you can experience it. Oslo has various museums where you can learn about the country’s history as well as enjoying the modern aspects to life in Norway. Bergen offers you the modern city life as well as beautiful scenery that welcomes you to venture out and enjoy hiking. Tromso is packed with modern cathedrals and many museums where you can learn and become intrigued by the nation’s history as well as its future.

Shopping when you visit Norway is an activity where you can easily spend as much time as money doing. There are plenty of first class jewellers where you can pick up some divine gifts for a loved one or perhaps a little something for yourself. Designer clothing is another readily available product throughout various shops in large shopping centres found in the major cities.

Cuisine & Nightlife

The nation certainly has its own unique brand of cuisine which is a delight. Tourists from the UK should find it very interesting and certainly worth a try as recipes are from ingredients that most will be fairly familiar with. If enjoying national delicacies and local favourites isn’t on the top of the agenda then you will find various popular cuisines are on offer too, such as Italian. Fast food options are also available in most areas for those who will be interested in light meals during busy days of exploration. Hotels in Norway also provide a varied menu for guests to choose from.

Nights out can be expensive but thoroughly enjoyable all the same. In the cities you can visit bar after bar till you find the place that suits you best. If you are looking for a late, late night then you can enjoy a visit to one of the many clubs available. There is a strong culture in the arts world within Norway so you might be tempted by a night at the theatre. Various shows are running throughout the year in all of the cities whether you are into music, drama or any other form of live performance.

Weather & Climate

Over the summer when you visit Norway you will understand why the country is often referred to as the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ and this is because in most areas other than the north 20 hours of daylight can be experienced. From June till September the temperatures can reach as high as 20°C during the day, though it’s always wise to bring warm clothing along as the nights can become quite cold.

Over winter you can expect the reverse in terms of sunlight in most regions especially between November and January. Along with minimal sunlight you can expect to be accompanied by some very cold weather with the temperatures regularly going into the minus’s, however this won’t affect some people who come purely for the snowy weather.

Where is Norway?

Take a look at this map of Norway before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Norway
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