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Cheap Holidays to Albufeira

Our Guide to Holidays in Albufeira

Beach and rock formation known as Praia da Rocha near Albufeira, Algarve

Making the most of your Albufeira holiday

Albufeira, the gateway to the Algarve! It has been said to be one of the most beautiful locations in Portugal and there are a host of attractions and activities to keep you entertained and having a fantastic time. Albufeira is home to seven of the most spectacular beaches of the Mediterranean. Some of these beaches will are hot surf spots that people travel from all around the world to conquer, others are more tranquil set against a lush backdrop cliffs.

Obviously being such a popular destination Albufeira offers various options when it comes to accommodation including 3 & 4-Star hotels and self-catering apartments. With a wide range of 4-star hotels at affordable prices, you can select the one that suits you best, whether it is a half-board or all-inclusive package.

The drive from Faro airport to Albufeira is something special too, coming along the Portuguese Mediterranean coast there is some breathtaking landscape that gets any traveller excited about their journey ahead and their holiday in Albufeira.

The Activities of Albufeira

Fins in the sand on the beach in Portimao, Algarve

When getting down and dirty in Albufeira it is easy to choose from a boatload of activities. There are both water activities and land activities for you to choose from that will keep you entertained. Apart from the beaches, which are truly spectacular and plentiful you can also mosey through the narrow laneways of the old town, with its ancient Portuguese feel to it. Getting lost in these tiny alleys and stumbling across your new favourite tavern is one of the less talked about joys when travelling through Albufeira.

If you are looking for something a little more up tempo then maybe you want to check out the Waterparks in the area with their thrilling slides and frightening water shutes that provide hilarity for anyone taking part. There is also a zoo marine where you can get up and personal to man’s best friend in the water - the lovable dolphin.

For the more cultural traveller you can check out some of the 18th century churches in the area with their stone masonry and wooden statues, a must see for any church enthusiast! Or maybe you would prefer to let your other half check out the churches whilst you sneak out for a round of golf at some of the ever popular golf courses in the area.

When holidaying in this exciting region of Portugal you can be entertained for hours or you can simply while away the day lying on beach.

Albufeira Features a Variety of Restaurants

Restaurants on a street in Albufeira, Portugal

As you may have already guessed that because Albufeira is on a coastal location the standout food is the seafood. Portuguese food traditionally uses chilli peppers, cinnamon, vanilla, and saffron; just those flavours alone are enough to excite the senses. But once you really scratch the surface in Albufeira you can get any cuisine imaginable. You can find the high end, romantic, special occasion dining style restaurants where you may whisk off your partner for a special evening to enjoy Portuguese wine, port and tasty delights by candle light close to the sea, or maybe you are looking for the child friendly, cheap eats, group type restaurant where you can take the whole family or go and have fun with a big group of friends, spending all your hard earned cash on jugs of exotic cocktails and cheap pizzas?

Once dinner is over and you are all merry it is time to go exploring the nightlife that Albufeira has to offer and did someone say happy hour? Well the great thing about going out in Albufeira is that you can literally hop from bar to bar chasing happy hours along the strip. This can really make your holiday in Albufeira a lot cheaper.

But don’t spend all your cash on eating and drinking because when you wake up in the morning you will want to go and explore the shops that Albufeira has to offer. This may range from Calicos Market with it’s great variety of local products or you may be looking more towards the little shops in the old town with their local crafts and gifts. Don’t forget a nice souvenir for your relatives back home... maybe an 'I heart Albufeira' t-shirt?

Weather and Climate

Beautiful villa and pool at Algarve, south of Portugal

One of the main reasons why thousands of tourists are gravitated to Albufeira is its fantastic weather. You will see plenty of sun in Albufeira, as sunny summers dominate the year around climate, and there is also little rain during winters as well.

During summers, July and August are the hottest, with an average temperature of 31°C. Summers have long days, which enable you to enjoy the sun for as long as 12 hours a day. However, the constant coastal breeze makes the temperature mild, and the weather and temperature are usually very pleasant and comfortable.

Spring and fall in Albufeira are very pleasant, with the maximum temperature ranging up to 19°C. 15°C is as cold as it gets in Albufeira in the peak winter months of December and January, so the winters are very pleasant and comfortable, but with a sunshine of just 6 hours a day. Albufeira sees only 50 rainfall days a year, which mostly occur between the months of November to March.

Where is Albufeira?

Take a look at this map of Albufeira before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Albufeira
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