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Guia – South Coast of Portugal

While Guia isn’t located right on the beach, it’s only a short distance away. Families will find Guia holidays the perfect place to really lay back and relax over summer as the resort has plenty to do despite being fairly small. Close location to the beach and other popular resorts along Portugal’s south coast, including Albufeira, makes Guia an ideal summer destination.

Transfers from Faro Airport can take between 45 minutes to an hour, which may appear long but tends to go by fairly quick as you are admiring the sublime natural beauty of the region.

All of the accommodation on Guia holidays provides tourists with a welcoming and comfortable place to stay. There are hotels and villa complexes rated between 3 and 4 stars for tourists to choose from, all of which offer up tremendous facilities and amenities to help enjoy your stay. With all that’s available you will be able to choose from all inclusive, half board and self catering options during Guia holidays.

There is some public transport that comes through the resort which is great if you are looking to reach other popular areas around the south coast, including Albufeira and Portimao. Taxis are a good option if you are looking to get to the beach quickly. Many families hire cars to allow them to explore at their own pace on Guia holidays.

Guia – Sightseeing & Activities

Beach fun is high on the agenda for absolutely everyone who is heading to the Algarve region of Portugal over summer and Guia holidays are no different. The nearest beaches are Laurenco and Gale, both of which offer miles of sand where you can spend the day soaking up the sun. Both beaches also provide you with the opportunity of water sport activities, including jet skiing, paragliding and scuba diving.

Around the resort you will find various opportunities to enjoy some exercise and entertainment. Guia holidays have facilities for tourists to enjoy a few games on tennis on well maintained courts. The Algarve is well renowned for its golfing facilities, so you won’t have to travel far to enjoy a few holes of golf. The most popular place for families to go and enjoy a fun day is at the Zoomarine which is slightly west of the resort. There you will be able to spend the day on the various water slides and rides as well as visit the wildlife in captivity. The Dolphin shows are a particular highlight.

You won’t find a great amount of options when it comes to shopping on Guia Holidays, apart from mini markets selling essential clothes and other items. For more extensive shopping options a trip to either Albufeira or Portimao would be best. One thing that will be on large supply is souvenirs.

Guia – Cuisine & Nightlife

Most of the cuisine available in the resort will be at hotels during Guia holidays and most menus offer universal dishes with the aim of pleasing all of its guests. However, there are still restaurants in the area which are great if you are looking to enjoy a pleasant evening meal. Most places serve traditional Portuguese dishes along with various other international favourites. If you are self catering on Guia holidays then you will find various food goods available in the shops around the resort.

The local wine is a delight and you will have a fair amount of opportunities to try a glass or two, whether during an evening meal or a calm night in a nearby bar. The nights are warm which is ideal when you are looking to wind down a busy day in the right way. The evenings here are so relaxing even Sir Cliff Richard bought a villa and a vineyard nearby. Hotels will provide entertainment on selected nights, though if you want a lively experience you should head over to Albufeira which has plenty of clubs open during summer.

Guia – Weather & Climate

Summer in Portugal is fantastic, easily some of the best weather throughout the whole of Europe. Guia holidays offer you the chance to bask in endless sunshine, or at least 10 hours of sun each day. The hottest summer months to enjoy a holiday are July and August when the temperatures will soar as high as 30°C. Summer is easily to best time to consider Guia holidays, but it certainly isn’t the only time.

Autumn in the south of Portugal enjoy much of the same weather as summer, though temperatures are more frequently in around the 20°C region. As winter comes along the weather will decrease further making it the coldest time of the year to visit, but it will still be much warmer than in the UK. As spring comes along the weather will pick up noticeably as the sun will stay out longer and temperatures will climb to summer highs.

Where is Guia?

Take a look at this map of Guia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Guia
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