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Monte Gordo Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Monte Gordo

Monte Gordo city - Portugal - Europe

Monte Gordo – South Coast of Portugal

In Monte Gordo you can expect to enjoy a very calm and relaxing holiday in superb sunshine over the summer. The most popular tourists to the region are families and couples, though groups of singles have been known to enjoy the resort too. You can lay back and relax on beautiful golden sands on a long and spacious beach.

The transfer time from Faro Airport will take a lengthy 1 hour and 20 minutes but the best way to spend this time is by admiring the vast natural beauty that has blessed the landscape of the Algarve.

Choose from some great accommodation in Monte Gordo including hotels, apartments and even a campsite. The hotels are rated 4 to 5 star and offer tourists half board and all inclusive options. The apartments in the resort are rated around 3 stars and are perfect for those looking to enjoy a self catering holiday.

You can take advantage of the fine public transport service in Monte Gordo which offers buses travelling to nearby resort such as Tavira. There are taxis available in the resort too which can get you around quickly.

Monte Gordo – Fun & Activities

Head to the beach and enjoy the setting of golden sands and light blue waters to relax on a very hot summer’s day. The most popular activity is sun bathing and over summer you can expect to see many people laid back working on their holiday tans. When it comes to beach activities you are more or less expected to provide your own entertainment as the resorts main theme tends to be quite laid back.

If you want to enjoy the local flora and wildlife then you should head over to Sapal Nature Reserve or the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve to see various animals and plantation native to Portugal’s southern shores. You can also enjoy trips to the many castles along the coast or go and visit the Monchique Mountains.

There are excursions that will take tourists to see the Old Algarve for sightseeing in a charming area of the country. There is also an organised trip to the Spanish city Seville; there you can enjoy some great shopping for designer goods in comparison to what is available in Monte Gordo.

Monte Gordo – Food & Nightlife

You will find plenty of places in Monte Gordo that are ideal for enjoying great evening meals. Choose fantastic cuisine from the various British, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese and of course Portuguese restaurants on offer. There are also plenty of seafood restaurants to try and enjoy on your holiday.

On the night you can expect hotels to provide live shows to enjoy on an evening but overall the nightlife is fairly quiet, that said, there are some bars and a nightclub available if couples want to have a late night in the resort.

Monte Gordo – Weather Info

You can enjoy the fantastic weather in Monte Gordo all year round and this is one of the main reasons people head to the resort so regularly. The summer is of course the best time to visit the resort as the peak months of July and August enjoy the best weather with temperatures going over the 30°C mark. Over summer tourists are blessed with cloudless skies and endless hours of sunshine each and every day.

Over winter the weather won’t be as hot but it will still be quite warm, temperatures rarely dropping below 15°C. The winter won’t see the same amount of sun as summer also, but it still gets around 6 hours which is ideal if you are thinking of a winter break. The wettest times in Monte Gordo are between the months November and March, though when spring comes around temperatures start rise up high once again.

Where is Monte Gordo?

Take a look at this map of Monte Gordo before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Monte Gordo
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