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Vale do Lobo Holidays

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Vale do Lobo – South Coast of Portugal

The resort of Vale do Lobo is surrounded by golf courses and other sports facilities and the resort’s upmarket status is much enjoyed by couples and families all year round. Faro beach runs along the coast and its golden sands are a great place to relax during the day.

The resort is very closely located to Faro Airport and the transfer time will be a very swift 20 minutes enabling you to start enjoying your holiday as soon as you land on Portuguese soil. When approaching the airport if you have a window seat you can instantly recognise the great natural scenery that Portugal’s South coast has.

There is some fine accommodation to select from when you choose where to stay in Vale do Lobo. The hotels in the region are rated between 4 and 5 stars, while the apartments are between 2 to 4 stars. There are a very large amount of luxury villas in the resort and they tend to be the most popular type of accommodation.

The public transport system is good in the area so if you plan on doing a little exploring to neighbouring resort then you can. Many tourists opt to hire a car to do this or a taxi because they are quicker.

Vale do Lobo – Fun & Activities

The beach in Vale do Lobo is fantastic and stretches for miles, you can choose to stay close to the resort or head down towards Faro beach. There is plenty of choice but any area is great to lay back and soak up the sun, sun loungers and parasols are available in various areas for tourists to hire. It is always fun to try some of the water sports available such as snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing and sailing.

There are many great facilities for those who enjoy playing golf and tennis, the various courts and course located in and around the resort offer the opportunity to play the sports both for beginners and advanced players. The golf course in the region offer some great surfaces and views to enjoy whilst playing a few holes. There is a leisure centre for those who need their regular trip to the gym to keep fit.

A calming activity is sightseeing and many people enjoy taking walks around the resort to enjoy the fantastic scenery that the South coast has. Horse riding is another good way to see the countryside.

You can enjoy travelling excursions into the Portuguese capital Lisbon or along the coast into Spain. Whilst in Lisbon you should take advantage of the shops on offer such as designer boutiques where you can pick up fine clothes and shoes. Shopping in Vale do Lobo is limited and you can expect to find only a few souvenir shops here and there.

Vale do Lobo – Food & Nightlife

The upmarket resort offers up plenty of fine restaurants to enjoy an evening meal, the specialist cuisine in the area is seafood. You can find many popular international dishes in the various British, Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants available in the resort also. If you are staying in a hotel you can expect great food.

There isn’t too many places to go to on the evening due to the relaxed and calm nature of the resort, but for those who enjoy evening fun then there are a few bars to have a cocktail or two and a couple of nightclubs.

Vale do Lobo – Weather Info

The weather in the South of Portugal is very good and over summer the temperatures are one of the main reasons why people visit. The hottest summer months are July and August where the temperatures will go as high as and higher than 30°C. With 12 hours of sunshine each day during summer you won’t see any rain or a cloud for most of the time.

The winters remain quite mild in Vale do Lobo with the temperatures rarely dropping below 15°C which makes the resort a great place to visit at anytime of the year. There is still around 6 hours of sunshine each day so you can still enjoy the sun when visiting during the winter months. The most rain will fall during March but there is never too much rain over most days along the South coast.

Where is Vale do Lobo?

Take a look at this map of Vale do Lobo before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Vale do Lobo
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