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Bratislava Holidays

Enjoy a Holiday in Bratislava


Bratislava – Capital of Slovakia

Enjoy a fantastic holiday in the beautiful, typically European city of Bratislava and experience the culture and sights of the Slovakian capital. Bratislava travel is very popular with couples and groups who enjoy exploring the unique aspects of architecture that is present within Central Europe. Tourists also enjoy a Bratislava holiday because of the wonderful nightlife which is on offer within the town. The historic city of Bratislava offers much history and intrigue both day and night making it one of the most sought after cities for those who enjoy long weekend breaks.

All Bratislava flights will be coming into the Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport, which lies only a few miles away from the city centre. You transfer to any Bratislava accommodation will take nothing more than 30 minutes.

There is a huge range of Bratislava accommodation to choose from which allows tourists with low budgets and those looking to splurge while away, more than enough options. The endless streets offer up plenty of hostels close to the main attractions within Bratislava which are ideal for a low cost holiday. Bratislava hotels range from affordable to the extremely luxurious, though both offer great services and facilities which the modern traveller has come to expect.

There is a great public transport system available in Bratislava with a constant and reliable bus service available to take tourists around the city. There is a train service also available if you are looking to do a little more extensive travel on your holiday in Bratislava to places like Vienna.

Bratislava – Fun & Activities

All around the city you will find some stunning classical architecture on your Bratislava travel, from old churches and historic structures that are present around almost every corner. Don’t forget to bring your camera along when you visit stunning buildings such as the St. Martins Cathedral which is the largest church in Bratislava. Head over to the Franciscan Church which is even more beautiful when you go inside. Other structures which are very attractive for tourists on a Bratislava holiday include the large Bratislava Castle, which is set to be re-opened after renovation in 2011. The Slovak National Theatre is another stunning piece of architecture along with been the venue for some live performances which can enlighten you to some great culture on holiday in Bratislava.

Walks are the best way to make sure you don’t miss a thing and gives you the best chance of turning over every stone through the city. Stroll down to historic centres and visit the Old Town Hall along with the Slavin memorial. The Botanical Gardens provide a much more serene experience during a Bratislava holiday and the city Zoo is also a unique experience.

During winter you will be able to enjoy the fantastic ski resorts in Bratislava which are located near the Carpathian Mountains just outside of the city.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a great shop whilst on a Bratislava holiday with the many malls including Aupark, Avion, Shopping Palace and Polus City Center. In any of these places you can expect to find designer clothes, shoes and jewellery along with various souvenirs.

Bratislava – Food & Nightlife

The food in on a holiday in Bratislava is very similar to other countries within Central Europe where the dishes are mainly meat orientated. There are plenty of quality restaurants around the city serving traditional and tasty Slovakian dishes. The Bratislava hotels also offer great menu’s with many of the luxury accommodation providing their own top class restaurants. There are plenty of food stalls available during the day selling ‘richman’ sandwiches, a must try during your holiday in Bratislava.

The nightlife is very popular in Bratislava and that fact alone draws in many tourists looking to enjoy a lively long weekend in the city. On an evening there are plenty of pubs serving great national beers and ales, there are also many bars playing great music for tourists to enjoy too. If you are looking to enjoy a late night then you can look forward to the various clubs playing different kinds of music long into the morning. Aside from the drinking culture available there are plenty of shows showcasing the performing arts like ballet and opera.

Bratislava – Weather Info

The overall weather in Bratislava is very good as the summer offers a great time to visit and explore the city, while winter provides the perfect setting for a winter wonderland and ski resort. During summers on your holiday in Bratislava you can expect an average temperature of 27°C over the hottest months July and August. The summer is quite hot and provides the perfect climate for tourists to spend the day walking the streets of Bratislava during their holiday. The rain is present but never constant and always clears up quick enough during the summer.

Over winter Bratislava can be cold and snow should certainly be expected, but this isn’t a hindrance to most tourists as they travel over to enjoy the slopes and overall ski experience in the Carpathian Mountains. The average temperature will hover around 0°C fairly consistently so remember to wrap up when visiting during the winter period.

Where is Bratislava?

Take a look at this map of Bratislava before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Bratislava
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