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Ljubljana Holidays

Explore the Slovenian Capital

Old city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana – Capital City of Slovenia

Ljubljana holidays are an experience that will allow you to enjoy a typically cultural and European city, without the overpowering surge of tourists. It is the capital city of Slovenia and as such has many key landmarks that outline the nation’s history and modern culture. Ljubljana offers tourists the chance to enjoy a relaxing weekend or a base camp if you are interested in travelling out to various ski resorts.

Joze Pucnik Airport, also known as Brnik Airport, is where your flights to Ljubljana will land. From there you can expect a short transfer as the airport is located just outside the city.

You will find exactly what is you’re looking for in terms of accommodation within Ljubljana, whether that is large luxury rooms or low cost apartments. If you are looking for a 5 star hotel in Ljubljana, then you will certainly find one. Expect first rate facilities and services when staying in one of the cities high end hotels. If you would prefer more reasonably priced accommodation but with all the typically amenities that tourists have come to expect, then you will find that too. Those looking to travel on a very tight budget should certainly consider one of the many hostels and self catering rooms that are available when searching for the right Ljubljana hotel.

Buses are running regularly which allows you to reach various parts of the large city. Taxis are an alternative, though some people prefer to hire bikes or simply explore on foot.

Sightseeing & Activities

By talking walks through the centre of the city you will be able to unearth some of the magnificent buildings and landmarks which make Ljubljana such a remarkable place to visit.

The Old Town is a great place to start as it will give you an understanding of the actual history and many medieval buildings that still stand strong today in this area, although there is a modern day tourist gloss to the place. Ljubljana Castle offers magnificent views right across the city, but you will find that the contents of the structure are much more interesting. Enjoy a tour which enlightens you to the pre-historic settlements and Roman occupation of the area.

Zmajski Most, translated as Dragon Bridge, is a famous landmark in the city and it is particular stunning when lit up at night. During the day you should consider a day in Tivoli Park. Over summer you can enjoy walks through the woods or a nice picnic in sunny weather.

If you are with the family you can consider spending the day at Ljubljana Zoo which is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful. Water Parks are another option for a fun day out with various rides and slides. Ski resorts are never too far away and Slovenia is regarded as a hidden gem in terms of great value slopes.

If you are looking for an enjoyable shopping experience then you can consider the intriguing and charming flea markets. There you will be able to pick up some handmade crafts and unique souvenirs. The city also has many top end products such as clothes, jewellery and perfumes.

Cuisine & Nightlife

As in most European cities you will notice that Ljubljana holidays offer plenty of trendy cafes where you can enjoy light snacks and a coffee whilst watching the world go by. You can enjoy a variety of different cuisines during the day and on an evening including Italian, Mexican and Chinese. The national Slovenian cuisine can also be enjoyed in most restaurants. You can choose from various quality establishments when eating, from exclusive restaurants to more warm and comfortable environments. Of course there is also the fast food option throughout the city too.

On an evening this vibrant city allows you to enjoy a classy evening drinking in a modern and elegant bar, or if you prefer a classily styled eastern European pub. Clubs are an option if you intend the dance into the night too. The options are more than just late night drinks in Ljubljana as you can enjoy a night at the opera or take in some local theatre. Better still you may want to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in one of the cities cinemas.

Weather & Climate

The weather in Ljubljana certainly is the main selling point to enjoying a holiday break, so it doesn’t matter when you visit. People visiting during summer come with the aim to get the best of the weather to enjoy long days of exploring the streets of the city. The summer brings some good weather during the day as temperatures will be well over the 20°C mark. July and August are the best times to visit to ensure you aren’t hit by the winter chill.

Though winter is indeed much colder many people still come to the city, mainly for days spent skiing in the nearby mountains. December and January can be particularly chilly as the temperatures will often slip into the minuses. Snow will also be present when visiting during the winter, but it can also add a much more attractive element to the city when it glows a white during the day.

Where is Ljubljana?

Take a look at this map of Ljubljana before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Ljubljana
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