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Beach Coast in Spain

Spain - How to Get the most out of your Holiday

"Spain features purpose built resorts such as Marbella, popular among celebrities due to their exclusivity.."

Spain is one of the richest cultures in Europe, with the most hospitable and passionate people. Spain is also one of the sunniest places in Europe, and its climate and rich culture are natural tourist magnets. You can enjoy holidays in Spain, and cheaply as well, as CheapHolidays.com can help you find your holiday to Spain at a very reasonable price.

Thousands of holidaymakers visit Spain every year for the numerous resorts and attractions that the country has to offer them. The most popular of these attractions are the beautiful Spanish beaches, which have one of the longest sunshine hours per day in Europe. Spain also features purpose built resorts such as Marbella, which is also popular among celebrities due to their exclusivity.

Spain offers a great choice in accommodation and you're almost sure to get the kind of accommodation that you need for your dream Spanish holiday. These accommodations range widely in quality from 2-Star to 5-Star hotels, so you can choose whether you want to go for economy or luxury. Swimming pools are a regular and a favourite feature in almost all the hotels, which are a perfect combination with the Spanish sun. Furthermore, you also have the option to book a self-catering apartment, which offers you an environment closer to your home, with facilities such as a kitchenette, so that you can completely control how you would like to spend your holiday here.

Holidays in Spain offer something for everyone, with exciting activities and attractions for tourists of all ages. British tourists are especially interested in the holiday package deals to Spain this year.

Spain – Attractions & Activities

On the streets of old Cordova, Spain
"Horse riding is a popular activity, a unique and exciting way of sightseeing.."

Spain has a number of activities and attractions to offer everyone, making it such a delightful tourist destination. For those who love their golf, Costa del Sol area is the place to visit, home to around 50 world class golf courses. These golf courses offer games for all players, whether beginners or experts. With the bright and sunny conditions in Spain, don't be surprised if your handicap improves.

Spain has a large coastline that features the most beautiful beaches that you could find in Europe, and most of the holidaymakers head towards these beaches more than any other attractions whilst on holiday here. Water sports are one of the most popular activities on these beaches, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, water-skiing and jet-skiing. Some resorts also offer the banana boat ride - a classic holiday must!

Apart from the water sports and beach activities, horse-riding is one of the most popular activities, a unique and exciting way of sightseeing in this fabulous holiday destination. Families and particularly children love amusement parks and theme parks in Spain, such as the Tivoli World Amusement Park, which hosts a spectacular Flamenco display, a Spanish cultural trademark. Spanish zoos and wildlife parks are equally popular among families, such as the Dolphin World, the Sea Life Centre and a crocodile park.

Restaurants, Nightlife, Shopping and Transport

Seaside view of Alicante illuminated at night, Spain
"Spain offers a vibrant and colourful nightlife, which may vary from resort to resort, but carries the passion and vigour that Spain is known for.."

The tastes offered by a variety of restaurants in Spain can really enhance the pleasure of your trip to this beautiful country. Seafood is the most popular food in Spain, and there are many restaurants which specialise in it. Don't forget to check the Spanish cuisine with delicious dishes like Paella. You are also offered a number of international cuisines like Italian, British, American, Indian and Mexican cuisines. Spain also is home to one of the finest and delicious wines in the world, extracted from its famous vineyards, which you should never miss on your holiday to Spain.

Spain offers a vibrant and colourful nightlife, which may vary from resort to resort, but carries the passion and vigour that Spain is known for. Many of the Spanish resorts offer cocktail bars, karaoke bars, nightclubs, casinos, Spanish bars, British and Irish pubs and nightclubs. And don't forget the sizzling Flamenco dancers.

You wouldn't like to return from a memorable holiday in Spain without bringing anything to look back on the experience. Spain offers a broad range of shopping chances including items like clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, furniture, electrical appliances, crafts and souvenirs.

Spain has an excellent system of transportation all around the country, with an efficient bus service. The buses can take you from one resort to another. Metered taxis are also available for this purpose. Other than these options, you could always take a boat trip to move between resorts.

The Weather & Climate

Relaxing on the sand at the beach in Spain
"If you want to avoid the heat, May and June are the best months to travel to Spain.."

Spain's beautiful climate is a tourist magnet, which is the reason why many holidaymakers feel they have made the right choice to select Spain to spend their holidays. The summers in Spain see the temperatures going as high as 30°C, but usually the average range is 23°C to 27°C. Temperatures during summer are relatively milder in May and June, so if you want to avoid too much heat, these are the best months to travel to Spain.

January is the coldest month, in which the temperatures can fall as low as 16°C. The weather in Spain is mostly sunny, and the sky clears up pretty fast after it rains. The average water temperature in Spain is 18°C, which is very comfortable with the warm sun. Enjoy yourself in Spain as much as you can.

With CheapHolidays.com, you can select a number of holiday packages to Spain, including the all-inclusive package. These packages offer very reasonable rates and allow you to visit your favorite Spanish resorts. You can create your own dream holiday to Spain by setting up your own flight and accommodation reservation online or by phone.

Popular in Spain - Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa Del Sol, Costa Dorada, Lloret de Mar, Marbella, Nerja, Torremolinos.

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