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Mojacar – South Coast of Spain

Mojacar is one of Spain’s quieter resorts located on the south coast, and its popularity rests with the families and couples opposed to tourists looking for a late nights and a party atmosphere.

There is a good selection of smaller and large beaches around the resort for tourists to enjoy, this variety means that if the larger beaches do get crowded there are other places to go for peace and quiet. The large beach on offer has been awarded the European Blue Flag for cleanliness which is an added bonus for those who spend plenty of time on the beach.

The transfer from Almeria Airport is around about 50 minutes long, and during this time it is worth taking in the great scenery that the south of Spain is blessed with. There is plenty of accommodation to be found in Mojacar such as hotels and apartments all of which range from 1 to 4 stars. You can expect to find places offering great services and facilities from self catering to all inclusive.

There is a very good public transport service that will take you to nearby coastal resorts including Almeria so you can further your exploration on holiday. Taxis are also available but will of course be a little more expensive than taking the bus.

Mojacar – Fun & Activities

With plenty of beaches on offer around Mojacar you may find yourself spending plenty of time playing in the sand or the warm waters for many hours of the day. You can get a sun lounger and set up camp for the day with the waters washing up on the beach providing a great way to cool down if you find things a little too hot. Many of the secluded beaches offer interesting caves that have ancient paintings. If you plan to liven things up a little you can enjoy plenty of water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing and jet skiing.

During the day a perfect idea is to go on a walk around the resort and simply take in all the natural beauty that is on offer, this can also be a fine way to uncover hidden gems in the form of bars and restaurants. Taking a walk though Mojacar’s mazy lanes can be a fun experience, and based in the hill tops you will find plenty of great hiking excursions to enjoy.

Many families will enjoy bowling, go karting or perhaps a quick 9 holes on the nearby golf course. There is also a gym to enjoy if you should need to burn off any extra energy.

If shopping is of more interest to you then you can pick up plenty of designer clothing, shoes and jewellery in the shops around Mojacar. There will also be many opportunities to purchase souvenirs and local crafts as mementos of your holiday here.

Mojacar – Food & Nightlife

The choice of food in Mojacar is vast, and if you take my earlier tip of exploring during the day then you may have uncovered some of the great delights on offer. You will find various types of cuisine in the Cantonese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, British and Mexican restaurants that are available though out the area. With such great variety along with high quality you will probably want to try a different place to eat each night.

As for the nightlife you will notice that for families the best place is generally within your accommodation. For those who intend to visit a couple of bars to extend the night like couples for instance, then there are options. Along the seafront there are a few fun bars serving cocktails and playing music or offering karaoke, many of which have popular English and Irish themes.

Mojacar – Weather Info

When it is summer time in Mojacar tourists can expect to enjoy really great weather between the months of June and September, where temperatures will climb as high as 30°C on a regular basis. With 12 hours of sunshine every day during summer there will be plenty of time to work on your tan.

Winter will of course not reach the heights that summer does, but, you will be happy to learn that the temperature still won’t go lower than at least 16°C. The hours of sunshine will also be affected but again you will still be happy in the knowledge that there will be around 6 hours of it. Most rainfall will fall over the winter months though it’s nothing to be overly concerned with as it is never too long and it’s never too cold.

Where is Mojacar?

Take a look at this map of Mojacar before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Mojacar

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