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Pineda De Mar Holidays

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Pineda De Mar – North Eastern Coast of Spain

Located in the Costa Brava you will find the resort of Pineda de Mar which offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere that many mature couples and families come to enjoy. You can enjoy the nice long beach on the coast which has fine pale sands with much space for everybody to enjoy, plus it has clean, calm waters that are perfect for children to play in.

The transfer time coming from Girona-Costa Brava Airport will take around 40 minutes or so, but this time can be enjoyed taking in the glorious countryside in the north of Spain. It is also worth trying to accustom yourself to your new surroundings.

While there are a few apartments to choose from in Pineda de Mar the most common form of accommodation is hotels which will range around 3 stars.

Using the very reliable bus service that’s in operation you will be able to travel to other resorts to further your exploration, taxis are available though will cost more. There is a train service that runs up and down the coast which will take you through other resorts and even down the Barcelona.

Pineda De Mar – Fun & Activities

The fine long beach is the perfect place for families and couples to lay back and enjoy the glorious weather. If you find you’ve built all the sand castles you can cope with then why not have a go at the many water sports that are available across the beach such as water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling and windsurfing. Glass bottom boat rides are available where you can watch the marine life that live in the Mediterranean Sea.

Away from the beach you will find that cycling and hikes are popular and you can find some fantastic views of the region whilst exploring the hills in the area. Many children enjoy heading to the nearby water park with slides and rides that are safer than the activities on offer at the beach. You can find horse riding to have a go of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider.

If you decide to take advantage of a day trip in Barcelona you will open up plenty of extra activities to enjoy. In Barcelona there’s the chance to see dolphins, go to the zoo, see the Pyrenees Mountains or take advantage of the great shopping opportunities available in the city. You will find some shops in Pineda de Mar that offer clothes and souvenirs but it won’t compare to what is in Barcelona.

Pineda De Mar – Food & Nightlife

There are plenty of fine places to eat in Pineda de Mar with many different menus on offer catering for the various tastes that people have. You will find great international cuisine in the Italian, Chinese and Spanish restaurants available. There are a couple of seafood restaurants about the resort too which offer extra variety.

Due to the relaxed family theme in Pineda de Mar you can expect a lot of the hotel to be hotel based where families tend to spend the evening with children. For the couples travelling you will be happy to hear that there are bars with music playing to enjoy during the night, and better still there’s a club with an in house DJ to extend the night further.

Pineda De Mar – Weather Info

The fine Costa Brava weather ensures those who visit will enjoy warm temperatures through the whole year. The peak summer months of July and August have days with endless sunshine and temperatures that go as high as 30°C. The constant blue skies mean that rain is pretty much nonexistent during summer.

As you can expect the weather is somewhat different during winter in Pineda de Mar, but still no where near as cold as back in the UK. September and February experience a fair bit of rain throughout the year but over the core winter months December is the one that see’s the most over the whole year. There will still be a good amount of sunshine during winter and temperatures will stay above 15°C. As spring comes around you can then expect the temperatures to rise up once again.

Where is Pineda De Mar?

Take a look at this map of Pineda De Mar before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Pineda De Mar

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