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Santa Susanna Holidays

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Santa Susanna – North-Eastern Coast of Spain

The warm resort of Santa Susanna is a popular one with families looking to relax amongst beautiful surroundings. Couples also enjoy this resort because there are a few nice places to drink at night in a comfortable atmosphere as well as a couple of clubs to extend the night. The nearby beach stretches long on the coast and is blessed with fine golden sands and warm waters which are great for children to play in. One warning is that the railway lines should be avoided or at least treat with great caution as they are only protected by a low barrier and children should be well monitored when close by.

The transfer time from Girona Costa Brava Airport will be just over an hour which is perfect for taking in the great scenery around the resort as well as becoming familiar with your new environment for the next week or two.

The accommodation in the area all offer great services and facilities for families travelling as they are the most frequent tourists staying in Santa Susanna. The hotels and apartments throughout the regions are all around the 3 star rating.

The public transport system around Santa Susanna is very good with regular buses available to whisk you to various places in the area. The train service is also very useful as it goes straight to Barcelona which is just a few miles south of Santa Susanna, you could also take a boat ride to the same destination.

Santa Susanna – Fun & Activities

Many people tend to make the best use of the fine beach available in Santa Susanna where you can spend the day soaking up the sun. Some areas of the beach do become slightly busy but it does stretch long so there will be enough room for everyone. If you’re not the person to just sit back and relax on holiday then you might enjoy taking part in a couple of activities that are provided along the beach area. Those activities include things such as snorkelling, windsurfing, water skiing and scuba diving.

Many couples enjoy walks through the old town of Santa Susanna, an area which retains a lot of the town’s Mediterranean feel and charm. You will find a fiesta going on during August honouring St Susanna and tourists are more than welcome to join in with this. There is also a Shakespeare festival in July.

Port Aventura theme park is located nearby and is very popular with children and other excursions located in the area include a water park and a golf course. There are some good shops to shop in too. You will be able to pick up fine clothes and jewellery in Santa Susanna, not to mention the great souvenir shops available. Of course if you do choose to take the train down to Barcelona the shopping options are drastically increased.

Santa Susanna – Food & Nightlife

With many families and couples enjoying fine cuisine when they travel, Santa Susanna knows it needs to provide for a variety of tastes and it doesn’t disappoint. The types of international dining options available can be found in British, Chinese, Mexican and Italian restaurants. There are plenty of fantastic seafood restaurants and dishes on places menus. If your thinking of doing a lot of exploring during the day then you will find fast food places dotted around Santa Susanna to pick up a quick bite.

Santa Susanna is an area that is built mainly around families and couples and so the region is fairly laid back and relaxed, that said there is still a very good nightlife on offer. There are plenty of fun bars along the seafront where couple can enjoy a nice quiet night, music or even karaoke. Should people look to extend the night into a club then that option is also available with a couple of clubs located in the resort.

Santa Susanna – Weather Info

You can enjoy fine weather in Santa Susanna during the summer, during the peak months of July and August it has seen temperatures go as high as 40°C but they generally average around 30°C. The clear blue skies ensure there is very little if any rain at all over summer which is ideal. If the heat becomes a little too much at times you will notice the cool breezes blowing in from the Mediterranean Sea which are very much welcomed.

Over winter the temperatures won’t be as high of course but the climate will remain warm, temperatures hovering around 12°C. Sunny skies will still be there though rainfall will occur slightly more often, but you can still expect it to clear up well. The most of the rain will come in January but after that you will see temperatures climb once more.

Where is Santa Susanna?

Take a look at this map of Santa Susanna before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Santa Susanna

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